Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...womanly adjectives...

 hi girls.  i need your input.  :)

adjectives that describe today's young women.
clarification...not young girl. WOMAN.

while doing product development and contemplating on the "lillypie customer" it's got me thinking about women. women who are strong. women who are vulnerable. women who love. create. and inspire.

i'm really several different women. i'm a real  mid-western beyonce/sascha fierce. :)

some days i'm calm.

some days i worry.

some days i cry. A LOT.

some days i'm strong and surprise myself.

and some days i wanna put a bag on my head.

this made me laugh. chuckling?

I  recently googled adjectives that describe a woman and was appalled at the top results. HOT. WHINY. NEEDY. SEXY. BUSTY. JEALOUS.  Really? 

Couldn't we come up with a more cohesive and REAL list?


What are some adjectives that describe a young woman?

i appreciate your help. ;)


  1. intriguing, tender, nuturing, charming.

  2. impowering, determined, proud, tolerant, sensible :)

  3. strong, loving, resillient, sensitive, caring, intelligent

  4. compassionate, nurturing, warm, caring, loving, selfless, strong...

    PS - got my necklace in the mail and ADORE IT!!! I'll be posting pictures soon! :)

  5. THIS is crazy! And a great post :)

  6. I think all the girls above me did a great job with the adjectives; i would have chosen the same!And....the bag-over-the-head lady did make me laugh out loud. :)

  7. Strong, determined, multi-tasker, caring, loving, comforter, listener, talker =)
    Cute shop and blog - I'm a fellow idie-biz!

  8. You MUST read "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge!! It totally helped me re-adjust what I thought a woman was to be. So empowering and spiritual. I think it's totally up your alley!