Thursday, March 24, 2011

double drats.

I'm taking a little blog break--I guess it kind of already started.

Like a teensy one. You know  when your to do list starts to get long.....


and you start to feel like the things you really enjoy are a little bit of a chore?  like uhh...i HAVE to read US Weekly because brad and emily are on the cover. awww mannnn....i need to go see what's on clearance at Target this week. Double drats--i need to blog.

Feeling a bit like that right now. So...I'm stepping away for a few days. I'm  finishing up the last week of teacherdom before spring break. Getting my affairs in order --mountains of laundry, fabric explosions, and the flock of dust bunnies mating all over the house,


putting the finishing touches on my new collection for spring/summer. Here is another sneak peek :)

See ya in a few!


  1. I hear ya! I just switched my Etsy shop to "vacation mode" for a few, so I can play catch up! :) Have a nice break!

  2. She is getting so BIG! SHe is gorgeous!

  3. i miss that little girl!!!!!!! please please please let me watch her one afternoon if you need to catch up on lillypie stuff. you know i'd be MORE than happy to. :-)

  4. Come back soon!! Take the time away to recharge.

    LOVE that picture :)