Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{pocket} full of posies --spring collection DEBUT

 I believe that everyone woman, girl, and toddlerette is FABULOUS.  We are strong, beautiful, lovely, energetic, playful, soft, and fun. I believe that we love to feel put together. We like to create and add finishing touches to our work. We add garnish to a dish,  icing to a cupcake, hearts to our i's,  and shimmer to our eyes because we LOVE the end result. We enjoy taking a deep breath, soaking in  the event and giving ourselves the head nod of approval.  ::job well done, sister!::

{pocket}full of posies is my head nodding in approval. It has all my finishing touches.  It's the new collection of ruffles, flowers, colors, sparkles, layers, and pretties for spring and summer.   

{INSPIRATIONS} for this collection come from things I love...the combination of bright and muted colors, soft fabrics, coral and turquoise beading, feminine details, varying sizes--small for the soft and delicate days--LARGE for the BOLD & COURAGEOUS days.

Enjoy! {pocket} full of posies

playful and enchanting

new colors-- coral rose bouquet and violet

The posies in this collection are a new creation. They still have playful ruffles and layers--yet they lay close to the head and frame the face. I enjoy making them. I love the oodles of possibilities for adorning the centers.

Each piece in this collection is meant to be shared or used in multiple ways. The flowers are whimsical -but not too childish. They are contemporary and feminine. You're smart to start *borrowing* accessories early. ;)

aren't my models darling?

Sarah at sarah-beth photography took  these gorgeous photos of the little ones.  She nailed my concept  **PERFECTLY** If you love these photos, think about stopping by  her blog and telling her so. We all love compliments on our hard work. :) Thanks, Sarah!

Thank you for looking!! 

photo credits {1, 2, 3, }


  1. Laura I love them all!! Can't wait to spice up Lydia's accessories for this spring/summer :)

  2. Seriously....IN LOVE! I will be ordering for Miss Lorelei soon!

  3. These are beautiful. And Sarah's photography is beyond gorgeous. Love that soft light!!

  4. I have seriously been waiting patiently and SO excited for your spring collection! It all looks great!!!!

  5. Super sweet!! You nailed it on this collection!

  6. AHHHH!!! I just saw that you have a "Miss Delaney!!" Guess what I'll be ordering...

  7. Oh my CUTENESS! I think we need to collaborate :)

  8. Just Darling!! ahhh how excited you must be! Love your new collection very inspiring, the photos are great!

  9. those shoe clips needed to be on my shoes, like, yesterday

    IN LOVE <3