Friday, April 1, 2011

meet the name series--harper

I'm starting a new series today. I know, series....who am I? A writer? :)

Each of my designs has a name. It's been that way since the beginning of lillypie, and I love that I started with it. It is of the smart things I did when starting this business on a whim last May. These names are little girls that I know. They are my neighbors, daughters of life long friends, relatives, college friend's little ones, co-workers darlings....they are named after little girls that I adore. So when someone orders a  Lydia on etsy, I think two things.
1.) awesome. another sale!
2.)'s a lydia.....she's so cute. I wonder if she's walking yet?

These girls are MORE than a name, and I'd like you to meet them! A few times a month, I'll introduce you to the name behind the design! 

First up? The Harper.

So here's Harper--from the eyes of her momma,  Sarah.
{Yes, the Sarah from Sarah-Beth Photography. My favorite photographer.}


What is your daughter’s name?  harper grace

How did you decide on her name?  When I was in nursing school in 2004, I saw a baby in the nursery named Harper. She was the most gorgeous new babe, with a full head of thick dark hair and beautiful hippified parents. (seriously. they were straight up hippies). I was then pregnant with my firstborn, Ethan, and didn't know the sex of my baby yet. I decided that "harper" was first on my girl name list. When I found out I was having a boy, I decided that I would save that name for any other kiddos. Lucky for me, my next was a girl! But I was worried that my husband wouldn't like the name, so I was tossing around a few others, "Grace" being one of them. I was out to lunch with a friend of mine debating baby names, and she said, "why don't you just name her Harper Grace?" I luuuurved it. And luckily, my hubby did, too!

One word that describes your daughter. GO!  freespirit (two words I cleverly made into one!)

Okay, now tell us a bit more....
Miss Harper Grace, Harper, Gracie (whatever we chose to call her), is a lover, first and foremost. She seriously covers me with kisses all day long, telling me how gorgeous I am and how much she loves me. swoon. I try to remember and put back into my brain files all the sweet things she says, because I know one of these days...yeah. she'll probably hate me. You know, the teenage years thing. She is feisty, spunky, lovely, hilarious and so full of love. She prays every night for the people in her life with such a compassionate heart, even at three years old. She even prays for our neighbors' dog, who died last year. Seriously. She is a teeny bit boy crazy (okay, a lot bit boy crazy), and it just cracks us up. She prays for her TWO boyfriends (TJ, a kid in her preschool class, and Jake, our nanny's fiancee) every.single.night. About 400 times, until I finally tell her, 'okay okay, that's enough!' My eyes well up at the thought of her as a woman. She'll be beautiful, full of grace, love and a servant's heart. She is a middle child, stuck between two boys. Which, I think, will be to her advantage. She's the princess of the family (the ONLY girl on all sides), is petite and uber girly...but at the same time thinks it's hilarious when she farts. Yeah....that's something this momma is working on. She's my lover, my angel, my mini-me, my heart.

Thanks for sharing your daughter with us, Sarah! She really is a doll and so are you.

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  1. I LOVE the name Harper. Maybe girl # 2? :) Love this series girly!

  2. what a cutie! I also think Harper is an adorable name.

  3. I love the name Harper!!! This is our choice for our baby girl due in November. The more positive comments I read the better I feel about our choice.