Monday, April 25, 2011

my new studio ::photo story::

I have my kitchen table back.

Lillypie moved out of my kitchen and into my new studio/sunroom this past weekend.  It's amazing what some organization and details can do for my spirit. I feel refreshed and excited rather than overwhelmed by a mess of fabric scraps and floss. I love the way it turned out.  I also love, and please don't tell my husband, that I didn't spend hardly any money on this room. I did  lots of restyling of current furniture and decor.

Come on in, come see where I play!

I'm OBSESSED with hoop art. I made all of these in one night. boom. boom. boom. obsessed.  

mason jars for  accessory findings and bright happy embroidery floss

I plucked my favorite hues from Lowes and places them in an inspiration board. This is right at eye level while I'm working. I enjoy looking at pretty colors.
 indie biz project two--inspiration web.This will soon be filled with lillypie trappings.
This white shelving unit and banana leaf bins are the only items  I purchased for my space. oohhyea!
thrifty. like a fox.
bins for chiffon, satin, baby silk, headbands, magazines, and my biz binder--essentials.
from left to right
space heater--sun room gets chillayyyy, old chest of drawers for shipping supplies, works in progress board (sooo happy it's full!!), and shipping station--where all the lovelies get wrapped, twined, packed, and bagged.

and my business. :)

thanks for visiting!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!! It looks so great and so inspiring.

  2. Love it! "Thrifty.Like a fox." my favorite part :) I {heart} your exposed brick and mason jars!

  3. I love it!! Everything looks so cute and organized!!

  4. LOVE this! I need to get more organized! :) You have inspired me!!

  5. Ohhhh I love it SO much!!You are too creative for your own pants HA! Seriously though....That is awesomeeeenesss!

  6. that looks amazing!!! I want to just come and sit in it!!! It looks so calming and inspiring! Love it!

  7. wow! what a beautiful space!