Thursday, April 28, 2011

coral eye candy

Wasted Spent over an hour on pinterest and began noticing a trend with my pins. CORAL.  Here are some fun pics  from my pinsession.

It's always the color of my toes.

It's my favorite fabric that I have in stock this spring.

coral rose double posie headband via

It pairs with lots of different hues very well!
coral and khaki
and grey
and turquoise
and fuchsia
and peach
and black
and white
and, and, and!!

Coral is kinda the baddest color on the block in my opinion.

Probably my favorite coral combo--greys and turquoise
I want to live in that crib.

all images from pinterest.

UN: lauralillypie


  1. man i love pinterest....but it seriously steals time. i have noticed that coral seems to be the trend in general. its hot this season:) i however, have bright read hair (by my choice) and coral does not go well with!! so you rock that coral friend cause i know it will look adorable on you:))

  2. I am loving coral too :) I want to get a mani pedi and do coral :) Random right?? HAHA

  3. I totally love coral to! GREAT post - Thanks! XO

  4. sigh, what an amazing post of colors. I am adding coral into my wardrobe and of course some of my new paintings.