Monday, May 2, 2011

meet the name {miss lydia}

It's meet the name time! I have a darling little one for you to meet today.  Click HERE to see where it all started and what it's all about.

Today's Design is the Lydia--it's layers-ruffles-and CORAL:) I adore this design-- and because today is LYDIA day-- it's on sale for $8.

Lydia the little is the darling  one year old (as of today!) of my friend Allison. You've met Allison before. We raised a bunch of money  for her adoption a few months ago! Lydia is beyond adorable and has a "stinker side" that makes me giggle. Allison and I had the most frustrating and HILARIOUS visit to  Paradise Bakery a few months back--complete with old lady stare downs, outfit changes, crying, laughing, and one major blow out courtesy of  miss Lydia Rose. I look forward to play dates this summer with this little firecracker.

Now here's Allison, doting on her lydia bug--

What is your daughter’s name ? Lydia Rose

How did you decide on her name?
We had such a hard time deciding on a girl name once we found out we were having a girl. We already had a boy name picked out if we were having a boy and I had lots of girl names floating in my head but once I put them on paper with her middle name and our last name I hated them. So around the holidays before she was born my husbands family was naming off women from his family and their first names that sounded good with our last name (it's a mouthful!). His uncle said Lydia and I held onto it in the back of mind. We made a couple lists on our babymoon and all things pointed back to Lydia! So Lydia is from my husbands family and Rose is my mom's middle name, I had that picked for a loong long time.  

One word that describes your daughter. GO! Breathtaking

Okay, now tell us a bit more about your wittle punkin :
I love everything about my daughter (don't all moms at this stage?) she is almost 1 and developing such a personality. She loves her dogs, she loves baths, she still loves her bottles and flaps her arms when she sees us making one, she loves her books, she loves emptying her dresser and pulling her books out of their cubby, she loves going on walks and gets so excited when she sees her stroller, she loves going up and down the stairs.

She is a picky eater these days, she doesn't really like tv too much unless it involves music, she doesn't like the blue booger sucker, she doesn't like having her fingernails clipped, she doesn't like being handed off to people she doesn't know and she doesn't like the word No.

She also makes the best faces ever, she scrunches up her nose at you, she concentrates really hard and blinks (almost winking at you) she has mastered the over exaggerated laugh and thinks everything is funny. She is pretty much the most amazing little person I have ever known. 

Want more Lydia in your life? Allison blogs over here, and I really enjoy reading her posts. She's honest, funny, and really easy to love. Go make a new friend! Tell her I sent you and tell that beautiful Lydia of hers HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. One year olds are a big deal!!  

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