Friday, May 20, 2011

meet the name--lorelei

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Time to meet another little darling!

Do you enjoy meeting these little cuties as much as I love talking about them? I sure hope so. I also think my friends have FABULOUS names for the littles. I can't put them on my future name list, you know GIRL CODE and all, but YOU can! Luckiesss.

Here is my Lorelei. My best selling headband...ever. I must make at least 15 of these a week--and for my little biz and little hands-that's A LOT!

Lorelei's mother is a good friend of mine who also happens to be a co-worker. I know--I'm lucky to work with some amazing women that are bursting with adorable-ness! This year we got to teach the same grade level together and it was super fun...and then--she had lorelei! She's pretty much adorable...and totally headband-naming worthy.

Here's Lorelei from the eyes of her momma!

What is your daughter’s name: Lorelei Elise
umm...time out--it's me. 1. adorable sleeping baby. 2. THIS CHAIR! ::swoon::
How did you decide on her name?
Being a teacher I knew I didn't want anything too common and there are just some names that are out of the picture for me. I found the name Lorelei in a fabulous book called A is for Atticus which is a compilation of great literary names. The moment I came across it, I knew it was perfect! I loved that Lorelei was unique and original without being weird and had a sing-song quality to it. My husband had to get used to it before he agreed. Elise was another name I really liked and I thought it flowed nicely with Lorelei. I also liked her initials with Lorelei Elise.


One word that describes your daughter. GO!

Sweet--I've been saying that since the day she was born. She's just so sweet!


Surprising--She's full of surprises, in fact, she's been surprising us since the day we found out we were expecting! 

Okay, now tell me a bit more about your wittle punkin.
The girl LOVES to smile. Her smile lights up her entire face and her eyes get all squinty. Lorelei also loves to talk. When she talks, she melts my heart! She loves to use her hands. She never kept her hands tight fisted like most babies, she constantly has her hands splayed out, uses them to grab at things, or likes to fold them together. She loves pushing with her feet and standing up straight, sitting in her Bumbo seat or bouncer, and sitting up on the couch. Lorelei also loves to be outside. She loves to sit on our laps 
and look around when we go out on the porch and sit on our rocking chairs.  Lorelei doesn't like to miss out on things. A lot of times when we go places, she is wide awake with these big eyes taking it all in. Lorelei is quite the charmer. She likes attention and will smile and behave for most people. (She usually reserves her melt-downs for home or the car. Lucky Mom and Dad!)  Lorelei is a girl on the go! She doesn't like to sit still for long, whether in the car, her stroller, or when someone is holding her. She needs to constantly
be moving. Lorelei HATES getting nasal saline drops or her nose cleaned out with the snot sucker. (What baby does?) She really doesn't like having her mouth wiped or tummy time. Right now, some of her favorites are the ceiling fan, lights, looking at our fireplace and big clock, and mirrors. She likes looking at patterns and contrasts. Lorelei likes music, singing, and dancing too. She has really gotten into looking at books lately. She will sit on the couch and look at the pictures for a good amount of time. Her favorite toys are the animals on her bouncer seat, Sophie the giraffe, stuffed animals (anything with a face and eyes), tag blankets and lovies with silk edges, her toy keys, and anything that plays music. She loves getting and giving kisses. (She
should, my hubby and I kiss her all the time!) She has the most delicious kissy cheeks and full lips. When we lean in to kiss her, she opens her mouth in anticipation. She is just so much fun and brightens each and every day. My Lorelei girl is my world and I just can't imagine life without her!

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  1. what an adorable little girl! and you're right, that chair is amazing :)