Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Product DEBUT {the SaraMarie)

 I have a new necklace to show you today. It's my new favorite. I combines everything that I love--ruffled posies, chiffon, light reflecting beads, faux pearls, and bronze chain. BOOM. :)

It's name is the SaraMarie. Sara is a friend of mine who also happens to be a co-worker as well. We're both teachers and it just so happens that we'll both be teaching 2nd grade next year. WOMP! She's a strong, sensitive, caring, bright and sunshiney, resilient working momma. Us working moms are tough--and she represents what I strive for lillypie to be. 

miss saramarie
 --the model--the teacher--the momma-the awesome--

This necklace is available in three color combinations right now--but look for more in the future. I'm really wanting to try a navy and chartreuse color combo {more on those amaze colors later}.

So what do you think? What color combination would YOU like to see?  I'd love feedback on this new design. Perty please? ;)


  1. I love it, Laura! I love the crystal rondelles. How about red and turquoise?

  2. SO pretty! I especially love the pink one :) I think I need one! HUGS girly!

  3. Those are beautfiul...the bright pink is my favorite!!

  4. SO pretty Laura! I like the dusty rose myself!

  5. Yay! So excited, flattered, loved! I still want this in coral rose. Also, I've been craving a lemon yellow for awhile. Either with gray or blue?