Monday, April 18, 2011

lessons in time out

This little girl? Is ornery.

who me?

and adorable at the same time--which makes parenting firmly-- difficult.

she reads. and sticks her tongue out while doing so...COME ON. adorbs.

She's entered the pre-terrible twos-- which as a parent I'm going to say is worse than the actual terrible twos only because this is where I am. pre-ish.  She's adorable. She knows what she wants. When she doesn't get it she does one of two things.
1.) Is okay with it, walks away pleasantly and goes on being the little sweetheart that she is.
2.) Becomes she-preterrible-two-devil and throws a tantrum. Silent screams, croc tears, red face, she pulls out  all the "mahmmmmeeee,  feeellll sorrrrie fur me and let me duh wat eye wannnnnnnttttttt" tricks .

While cooking dinner last week Lilly tried to do something illegal. I don't remember now what it was, but it was most def illegal little girl behavior. I told her no. She stamped her foot and THREW her sippy cup at the floor splattering milk ( ILLEGAL!).  Before I could turn around to tell her no and take her Carters covered booty to time out, I heard little toddler steps fleeing the scene (ILLEGAL).

I had a classic mother "OH NO SHE DI'INT"  moment and went chasing after my monster.  I turned the corner expecting to see my  girl  running arms flailing  to her  "mahm kant see me in hur" place--the ball pit. INSTEAD? I find my little fugitive  sitting on her time out rug in the entry way. 
see? invisible. 


What more was there to do? The girl got mad. She weighed her options for reaction. She chose number 2.  Lill was okay with the consequences and dealt them-- TO  herself.  Parenting done. So I turned around and TRIED not to pee my pants while saying " That's right Lilly, that's a no no, you're in TIME OUT."


There was nothing more to do except laugh. Silently.


  1. LOVE this story! She is so stinking cute!

  2. That is adorable and hilarious! You've got your hands full!

  3. Oh girl, we are in the SAME PLACE! It's SO HARD! Be consistent! It's ALL you can do :) HUGS

  4. I love this post & your etsy shop!
    great blog...

    ps . I would like to invite you to my firdt giveaway!


  5. I.LOVE.HER. eeek she is adorable!

    auntie ang

  6. It's something about these girls! Lilly-Belle is exactly the same...and I swear she knows exactly how far to push me and then she takes one step past that. We're in trouble!

  7. Just found your blog, love it! There is a lot of "silent laughing" at my house ;)

  8. aaaah!! best story!! tad scary to see what i'm in for!! MAkenzie is only 14 mths and has the tantrums and stubbornness down pat already! yikes!! at least they are cute! :)