Friday, April 15, 2011

meet the name series--delaney

It's meet the name time! I just love introducing you to the adorable littles that I'm blessed to know. I hope you enjoy it too. I started this series earlier this month and I am having the most wonderful time talking with these mothers about their babies and sharing their name stories and personalities with you! Click HERE to see where it all started and what it's all about.

Each of my designs has a name. It's been that way since the beginning of lillypie, and I love that I started with it.  These names are little girls that I know. They are my neighbors, daughters of life long friends, relatives, college friend's little ones, co-workers darlings....they are named after little girls that I adore.

These girls are MORE than a name, and I'd like you to meet them!

Today's Design is  the Delaney.

Delaney is the adorable daughter of my good friend Kelsey. She also happens to have a wonderful shop called Tag...You're It Personalized Jewelry. She blogs here! and you're going to love her!  I have small silver disc and freshwater pearl necklace from her and I wear it EVERY. DAY.

Now for the little one. :)

What is your daughter’s name --Delaney Ellen

How did you decide on her name?
Hmmm.. Well, her first name took a while. I had been writing down possible baby names since high school, but none of them seemed right. I had a mile long list of boy names and nothing that I truly loved for a little girl. I bought a book of 100,000 baby names from Meijer one night and read the entire book. I found just a few that I liked. I wrote down my list and showed it to Mark. He narrowed it down to 1 or 2 and Delaney made the cut. What is funny is that my sister had a little girl 8 months earlier and had mentioned the name Delaney to me as a possibility for her daughter, and I told her I didn't like the name! I guess 8 months was enough for me to change my mind and fall in love with it. I think it is an Irish name, but to me it sounded Southern, which I liked. We decided that for a nickname, we would call her "Del" because we thought it was unique. (Okay, I'm almost done)- Her middle name came much easier. Mark's mom's name is Mary Ellen and my mom's middle name is Ellen, so we knew that Ellen would be a perfect fit!

One word that describes your daughter--Giggly (is that a word?) 

Okay, now tell me a bit more about your wittle punkin.
Delaney is so much fun. When I get her out of her crib in the morning she has a huge smile on her face and anytime throughout the day I look at her and smile she always smiles back. She is a serious cuddler- anytime someone else holds her, they immediately say, "oh...she's a cuddler!" She will wrap both arms around you immediately and give you an intense bear hug. She has just started sitting up on her own and her favorite toy is the popper thing that has a button on the top and when you push on it these balls start flying around (I obviously have no idea what it is called). Her favorite show is Sesame Street, which she likes to watch everyday and I'm pretty sure that Abby's Flying Fairy School is her favorite part. She LOVES to sing and since I sing around the house so often, I'm sometimes worried that she won't learn how to talk because she thinks we all go through life singing. She "chews" on her thumb, rather than sucking it. She LOVES her Johnny-Jump-Up and will jump for hours if I let her. I wish I could say that she loves being outside, but it has been a long winter, so she hasn't been able to be out very much yet. She is an excellent roller, and will make her way from one side of the living room to the other in a matter of seconds just by rolling. She is fascinated by the family dog, Sirius. Whenever she remembers he is in the room, she looks at him and cracks up laughing. She loves her pacifier and if she is ever without it, I am in trouble. She really is a great baby and daughter and has filled my life and heart with joy!


Thanks Kelsey!!

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  1. these are just too sweet! i was actually looking for something similar (but for my sis...who is 23). going to check out the etsy shop now : )


  2. Absolutely adorable! Love those pictures of little Delaney!!

    Happy Friday.