Monday, March 14, 2011

you're amazing

I struggle.

I struggle with how transparent I am.  I struggle with how emotional I am. I struggle with my body image. I struggle with the fact that if I'm uncomfortable, vulnerable, sad, happy, excited, moved, or nervous...I cry. 

I struggle with self-doubt. with my self. my capabilities. and lillypie.

It all came to a head Saturday night. I was upset. That resulted in my being upset that I was upset and it just sorta snow-balled from there. :)

God made me the way that he did. Why? Isn't that the big question we all ask ourselves?  Why are we the way that we are? Is it really the luck of the gene pool, the way we were raised, the friends that we keep, and a product of the environment?  I don't think so.

If I remember correctly, there is a sweet little Sunday school song that claims I am 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. :)  Oh..not just a song.  Psalm 139:14. Do you believe that?  I believe the fearfully part-- and I strive to believe the wonderfully part.  Chatting about this topic with a bunch of my favorite ladies last week really got me thinking. Who am I? Who are we as women? 

I asked you...

...and here YOU are.

We are SO much. Each and everyone of us is ALL of those things. We were designed that way--ON PURPOSE.

So while Saturday I was a puddle of 'woe is me'-- today I am strong. beautiful. inventive. and sensitive. And that's amazing.

You're amazing.

I'd like to remind you of that. :)

and....I'll probably need you to remind me of that come Wednesday. I'll  forget. hehe.


  1. I love this Laura!! You are amazing, I will remind you again on Wednesday too, don't worry :)

  2. LOVE your honesty girl! You are beautiful, don't forget that!

  3. I love this - and I loved when you asked that question! :) You are MARVELOUS!

    PS - got my necklace in the mail and LOVE IT! :)

  4. amen sister!!! i completely know what you mean. just hang in there!

  5. I hear you, hon. Love Love Love your honesty. Either every blogger out there lives in Happy Land, or they are just afraid to admit they feel these things to/afraid to loose readership. Everytime I write things like this, I feel afraid that people are going to turn their back on me bc I wrote something a little more dark, but if that is what I am feeling and it feels better to get it out, than what are blogs for but free theraputic expression? I am proud of you for being so honest. I have these days too! I am glad you know you are and that you feel beautiful though too on other days. You are beautiful, talented, and a Wonderful Mommy! Hugs!

  6. you said it so well. thank you for the delightful post. and are BEAUTIFUL! :-) i'll miss you tonight but i'll see sometime soon. i am in need of a Lilly fix too so if you and scott ever want to take a night out...Pah-leeez call me. :-)

  7. great post! I think we all feel this way at times. nice to know I'm not the only one.