Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adorable Spring Program ((is finally here))

I'm so so so so excited that spring is *almost* here. I'm ready for freshly painted toes, breeze flowing through the house, bubbles on the front porch, brighter make up, and of course--bright and fun accessories.

This post includes ALL the details surrounding my Adorable Spring subscription program. Read on to learn more!

Adorable Winter was my first program. It was soooo much fun! I sent fun little accessory surprises to my subscribers  now turned friends during the long drab months of December, January, February, and soon to be March.  I enjoyed creating neutral yet trendy accessories and felt like a magic fairy delivering little packages of girly happiness each month to my new found friends. I asked my previous subscribers to share a little about their feelings of the Adorable Winter program.

"Excellent quality, durable/great quality, unique.  I've worn them (and my daughter that sneak wears them when I'm not) a dozen times and it is still shiny! It is not showing signs of wear." ~Melissa

"I appreciated the neutral color combinations, so I can wear items with more than one outfit." ~Casey

"My favorite accessory so far is most definitely the brooch.  I love it; it is extremely versatile.  So far I have attached it to a necklace, coat, clutch, and hair tie.  Basically, it comes with me whenever I leave the house."  ~ Angela

Most definitely would recommend any of Laura's products! They are beautiful and unique!!! :-) I'm looking forward to the spring package!!  ~ Holly

Ready for the Adorable Spring details? Yay, me too!

Adorable Spring is for you  and your little one if you choose! You deserve a treat. You work hard. You are beautiful. Adorable Spring is for you. Around the 15th of each month (April-June) a pretty little accessory from Lillypie Accessories will be handmade, packaged and sent to you. It will be something different each month. An adorable surprise!

The items in the Adorable Spring collection are NEW designs with NEW fabrics. They are inspired by this spring's trend colors and will be a pretty  POP OF COLOR to accent your existing wardrobe.  The items will be different each month. A SURPRISE--it's what makes it fun! You can expect two of my specialties-- two different headband designs and a necklace.The items in the adorable spring collection will be available to YOU first. They will not be listed in my shop until YOU have received yours. You're lillypie VIP in my eyes.

HEADBANDS? Yes, you can choose each month which style you'd prefer. My thin stretch headbands will fit newborns-adults. They do not leave marks on your little one's head and are extremely comfortable for all ages.

Or, if you'd like you may have  the headband designs attatched to a thin silver headband. Perfect if you plan on spoiling yourself with these designs. :) A classic headband is perfect...all the time.

Okay, let's talk cost. :)

Buying the accessories individually from my shop would cost you $60. The Adorable Spring package is priced at $35.00 with a ONE TIME shipping fee of $10 with your subscription for US orders.

If you are money savvy or have an accountant as a husband like me, being a part of Adorable Spring is $13 a month. You deserve it! What are you waiting for?

Yes, yes, and more YES!!
All Adorable Winter participants who sign up for the new Spring Program will get extra lillypie lovin. My friends will get an additional surprise the first month (( a $15 value item)) just as a thank you for returning for more fun!

Something new and exciting for ALL Adorable Spring Participants is our new

Visit my shop and click the Adorable Spring section on the left sidebar. Purchase any of the available Adorable Spring packages. In the notes to seller please verify the name and address for the person receiving the packages. This will be the address I send the pretty things to--not the address on paypal. I want to make sure it's going the RIGHT place. **coupon codes, giveaway credit,and discounts are not valid with this offer**

IF YOU WERE REFERRED BY A FRIEND--Please share share share their name! You BOTH get lillypie swag if a friend ((who also purchased a package)) referred you. Verify and pay and you're all set! I'll contact you after payment and tell you how excited and happy I am for you! I can only imagine how fun it will be to get something pretty in the mail each month!

And then....get to sharing this post! You get EXTRA free swag if someone you know and love purchases a package as well. :) Feel free to share via facebook, twitter, pinterest, and good ole' word of mouth.

I'm soooo looking forward to this spring.  I'd love to make pretty things for you this spring!


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