Friday, July 22, 2011

trends to try {glitter nails}

I am trendy.

subtract elementary teacher
subtract mom of a toddler
subtract living in a 'burb
subtract being a  little soft and cushy in the middle,legs, and arms
subtract being almost thirty
subtract being on a tight budget


I am quasi-trendy.

I love fashion. I love styling. I love color.  I love being semi-daring with my clothing. I love my style. but I'm not breaking any rules and rocking the world with my choices.

I'm somewhere between mom jeans

Aren't we all?
I'm not going to be on cutting edge of fashion; But I try to make myself feel pretty everyday. Sometimes I believe it, sometimes I fake it. :) 
Trends are fun to try and easy to adapt to your own personal style.
Even for the diaper bag haulin mommas.

I'm going to try and embrace some trends.  I'm going to try and make them work for my lifestyle.
Try them with me?

The first trend that I've been wanting to try is glittery nails. I love the sparkle. I'm really enjoying muted pastels and nude shades and was super excited to try this trend out. How FUN!!
you can find the images and web links  via laura gambrel on pinterest :)

I really liked the idea of doing glitter on only one nail on each hand. I feel like it's more of my style and a little fun and spunk among classic and pretty--like me. heee.

I followed this tutorial pretty much as written.

it's not perfect; but i'm hardly a perfectionist. and i. love. this.

Wearing this around the house for a few bit got me thinking about how my fun summer is almost FUN OVER. How could I adapt this to a more school/work appropriate shade?

I kept playing. Took a lot more pictures. Made some more fun combos using the aquamarine and gold glitter.
and then my kitchen started looking like a
Ke$ha music video.

I've only been glitterfied for an afternoon, but I'm loving this.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!
Go **accidentally** buy some glitter and have fun!

linking up with my friend Jessica. :)


  1. You're so cute. Also, we should be friends.

  2. LOVE IT!!! And you are so funny!!! In between Mom Jeans and supermodel! HA!!!! Love it! Thanks for linking up girl!!

  3. "mom jeans, mom jeans...put on your mom jeans... and for a limited time only, get a free embrodiered jean vest with all purchases of mom jeans!"

    Can you tell I love that commercial?

    yay for being quasi-trendy!

  4. Sigh. I miss you my friend :-) PS. Love the glittery nails!

  5. Love the glittery nails! Especially the "bare-ish" combination - SO pretty! This post just made me smile, especially "in between mom jeans and supermodel" haha, I'm right there with ya! ;)
    Have a great weekend! Michelle

  6. You are so clever. Love this idea!

  7. I never paint my fingernails but I bet this would still look cute on my toes...dontcha think?

  8. Love the glitter nails! I'm a teacher too, and I think we could rock any of those shades to work. Anything to grab their attention!

  9. So pretty! I'm gonna have to try this for sure :) I'd love it if you'd stop by and link this up to my Thrifty Thursday link party. I know my readers would l-o-v-e it!