Thursday, May 6, 2010

You were my strength when I was weeeeak.

Thank You

{ blogging note: to get the FULL effect please begin humming your favorite celine ballad, mine is "Because You Loved Me", but I won't judge.choose your own...}

for pushing a melon through an orange.

for thinking I was beautiful with my cone head and tang-esque skin color.

for not giving up and placing me in a moses basket when I cried because I was hungry. Cried because I was tired. Cried because I was wet. Cried because I pooped my panties. And Cried for NO apparent reason at all.

for adoring every smile.

for singing me to sleep.

for loving me and believing everything I did was the CAAAUUUTEST!

for the love you showed me by meeting my needs, by giving me a brother, by giving me boundaries, and by giving me great life experiences.

for the card you put on my bed when a high school boyfriend !!!who was my soul mate!! dumped me letting me know that it was okay to be sad. {celine fist pump}

for taking a beach vacation when you probably wanted to go to the mountains.

for not getting call waiting because we all know that I would have NEVER gotten off the danged phone.

for singing Disney in the car.

for worrying and caring about what kind of friends I had.

for taking me to church.

for putting up with my shenanigans and going all the way to TEXAS for a competition when we all knew I did it for the boys. :)

for loving me when I hurt you. {celine fist pump}

for not following up on the "I brought you in, I can take you out".

for listening to me even though you can't understand me when I talk and cry at the same time.

for enjoying my drawn out dramatic stories and thinking I'm funny when I tell them.

for praying for me. {celine style-touches her heart and closes her eyes and does the oooohohoooo's}

for going to my tennis matches even though I didn't count toward the team total because I was not very skilled.

for Gloria Estefan and Whitney Houston.

for the love, tears, hugs, disagreements, frustrations, and advice.

I love you, Happy Mother's Day!!

{I'm everything I ammmamamammmmm, because yooooooooooooouuuuu lovvveed me oohoohoooooooooooooo}

{end song}


  1. hilarious and sweet at the same time. :)

  2. LOVED that post. that song was the PERFECT addition. :-) hope you have a great FIRST mother's day

  3. Love this post! And happy Mothers day to you!!!