Monday, June 7, 2010

Boom. Chicka Lit Time.

Top Two Favorite Books

Hi, I'm L and I'm a Chicklitaholic
{Hiiiii, L}

When did I start reading chick lit excessively? 4 years ago. It was my first summer after my first year of teaching. I found myself married, home all day by myself, BORED, and occupying a deserted apartment complex pool on a daily basis. During the second week of June, I came to the realization that GLAMOUR and US WEEKLY just. weren't. going. to cut it. At the time I lived across the street from Target {a dangerous and fatal mistake by a newly-wedded couple} and meandered into the book section one scorching June day. I totally judged the books by the cover (still do...sorry) and bought a certain SHOPAHOLIC book and was hooooooooooookkkkeeeed!!

I read the entire series that summer. (If you haven't read them, please don't judge the books by the movie, totally different, totally better...)

After that series?Sadly, it was all downhill from there. I only read chick lit. I love it. I eat them for lunch. I think it's the fluff. I like the bright colorful covers. I like reading silly stories that don't end up making me cry (boo, you, Nicky Sparks for making my cry so many times).

I just finished The Last Song. Tear Fest.

I like laughing and getting wrapped up in the drama all. at. once. {Errrrr.....This is probably also why I can't seem to stop watching The Hills even though I'm a teacher, with a husband, a house, a 401K, a kid, and a mommy blog.....}

My top two fave chickaliterature books?

1. The one that started it all --My Dear Sophie for Miss Becky Bloomwood in Shopaholic (proof I lurve her)

2. My Sweet Emily for Something Borrowed and Something Blue

I am really not shallow. Promise! I have morals. and standards. and real thoughts that aren't about shopping, boyfriends, and OMG! moments--I just choose not to read about them. :) I look forward to reading everyone else's book choices. I need some new books to fuel my addiction.

BOOM. Chicka Lit Time.


  1. OK I read the first shopoholic and totally agree the book about a zillion times better than the movie! And seriously Emily Giffin=my new bff :)

  2. i have ALMOST bought those books 100+ times. i always put them in the cart at target, then put them back. i might. maybe. just have to go buy them now. :) i love your blog! :) it is so cute!

  3. I love these chick lit books too. It's so nice to escape real life in a fluffy, fun book. So excited about Emily Giffin movies, too!

  4. Yep...its an I heart Jesus book for sure. :)

  5. Love chick lit books too! I just read the Last Song and cried too!

  6. You'll love it, no tragedy. Hope I didn't spoil it;)

    I know right, great well to sell a book, put a pump on the cover!! Actually the Everyone Worth Knowing didn't start with a shoe on the cover, but I liked the new cover better than the original;) You'd LOVE them!!

    Don't worry, I TOTALLY judge a book by it's cover(for literature anyway;). In my experience the cuter the cover, the better the book, no really!!

    Great pics!

  7. I read the Harlequin Romance novels. Totally get me away from every day happenings. If you want to read any, I think I have enough to stock you up for the whole summer.

  8. Oh man, the shopaholic books are addicting! They are just so ridiculous and funny.

    Stopping by from Top Two Tuesday :)

  9. love your picks and your new blog look is AMAZING!!!

  10. Found you through top 2 tuesday! I'm a new follower :) love your blog look!

  11. I LOVE Chicklit too!! I got obsessed with it last year on my birthday! What are some of your other faves besides giffin/kinsella?!
    TO add to your list...
    Kristin Billerbeck's Spa Girls series is wonderful!!!
    Love Giffins Love the one you're with.
    Carolyn Browns books that begin with To... like, To Dream, To Hope, To Believe
    Happy Reading :)

  12. Emily Giffin's other books are right up there on my list too! I had a hard time picking between putting "Heart of the Matter" or "Something Borrowed"- but since I just finished "Heart of the Matter" its been on my mind lately! Yes, I did enjoy it- but it also raised my paranoia since it is about infidelity- my husband always says he hates when I read books like that because he gets questioned a lot more :) Thanks for the comment! You have a super cute blog by the way :)