Sunday, June 20, 2010

type twoer for sure.

This morning in church i had a light bulb/lightning bolt moment. you know the one? the oooooooooh shooooooooooot moment and it clicks? this one bout knocked me outta the pew. good thing it didn't cause i was wearing a dress that was a tad on the short side. someone in our house doesn't know how to do laundry and likes to shrink things. ::ahem::

our minister said that when people enter a room, there are two types of people. there are the "heeeyyyllooooo I'm here!!" people and there are the "Oh! You're here people". lemme break this down a sec. it took me a while for it to sink in.

type one
the first type of people enter the room and are announcing they have arrived. i'm here and now the party can start type of people. they aren't bad people. it's just how they view a room. think the  snookie, jessica simp., lady gaga type :).

type two
the second type of people enter a room and are all about another person. they are the its-so-glad-to-see-you-people. the ones that enter a room being glad to see someone else.

since lilly-i've definitely been the "AHM! HERE! and so is mah precious baybeeee" person.  mostly because everyone is excited to see her. and selfishly i think "shouldn't they be?" she's a wee one...she demands all attention. but ya know what? if i'm honest with myself and to you, i've always been a type one person. occasionally i'm the type two, but not often. that makes me selfish. and i am. i'm selfish, vain, and a control freak. gulp....please still be my friend?!

my dad--is a type twoer for sure. he always has been. never one to command the attention of a room, but more excited to see someone else's presence. he's always greeted me with a big hug. the kind that make you warm and fuzzy. not the surface two pats on the back kind. the embrace with the extra squeeze that let's you know you're loved. that kind.

my dad is strong.
My dad is  gentle.
My dad is firm, courageous, honorable, and wise.
he's a wonderful father and even better grandfather. right now, lilly loves him for his oh-so-tuggable beard. but i'm sure in the future when she's not so "ahhh! uh beard wif tuggy thangs!!" she'll see him like I see him. a man of God with a type two entrance personality.
love you daddy.

::something to ponder--can you guess what father's day presents, lilly, yellow paint, and poison control all have in common?::


  1. loved this post!! and its definitely okay to be a type one :)

  2. Thank you Laura for your kind words but you are wrong about the selfish part. I've seen you with Scott and Lilly. You are not selfish. Thank you for a lovely day yesterday. Wish it could of lasted longer. Love you ... and Scott and Lilly and Angie and John and Mary Lou,
    dad and husband

  3. This was so sweet...what a great "grandpa" lilly has! And, I'm going to try and remember what your pastor said every single time I go somewhere....

  4. What a great revelation! It sounds like you have a wonderful father!! :)

  5. What an incredibly sweet post about your daddy!! Great pics, I am sure he is so proud of you! btw, Mollie's bathing suit came from the babygap, I got it back in February.