Sunday, January 2, 2011


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This is an older post, but I think it will help you get to know me. Since we're about to become BFFS. :)


Remember 2009? Doesn't it seem like we were just saying PEACE OUT to that year?

lessons learned in 2010 {with link backs {or is it backlinks?} in case you'd like to read about my life...again[they are in the liiiight as in basically a twinge lighter grey than the post text fyi] }

ugh. yes I'm a teacher, excuse that last trainwreck of a statement.

1. that parenting is HARD ::ehh...der!!:: and being a working mom demands respect and killa time management skillz

2. that snow days are awesome. but they are the most awesomest when you're a teacher with a new baby that you have to leave!

3. that THE LORD PROVIDES for his children. and loves em'. no matter what! this seems to be a reoccurring lesson for me. probably because for some silly reason, I always forget.

4. miss carrie underwood? is short.

5. that baybees will always cause you to worry more than you need to, even in sunny warm states. :)

6. that sometimes i can get ahead of myself and my ::FOOLPROOF: plans...don't quite go as planned.

7. that I AM a strong woman. FULLY CAPABLE of achieving my dreams. PROOF

8.  that I complain a lot. A LOT. But when I sit down and think about it? I have a lot to THANKFUL for.

9. my daughter, lilly, is HI-larious.

10. MY DREAMS CAME TRUE! I'm a small business owner.

11. that I can become SLIGHTLY :read: INSANELY  obsessed with party decor.

Great year.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and strolling down memory lane.

P.S. I'm doing a lillypie giveaway.  I'm giving away lillypies, which are essentially my babies. That's HUGE.  At least to this momma bear.

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  1. I share so many of these traits, especially the party decor---I could go broke planning a party!

    Happy New Year to you, L!

    Thinking of you and remembering those back to school days after the holidays---ugh! :)

  2. Found you at VWB's slumber party :) Super cute post and blog...following :)

    Yay! Such a fun bff party! I am following you LOVE your blog! so cute! hope you follow back and check out my blog! Thank you!