Monday, January 10, 2011


This year one of my goals is to learn to shoot this sucker in manual. I’ve read some amazing blog posts by CLICKIN IT UP A NOTCH and she’s really helped me. I think my lillypie pictures are getting better. See?!

So that’s my goal-- GET BETTER. I have a HUGE admiration for natural light photographers. The time and patience it must take to get the **perfect** shot is unreal. They really are artists. I have a buddy named Sarah, who happens to be one of those. She takes the cutest pictures of my lillypies. Here, take a gander…

Baybeeeeeeeeeeeeee squishy cuteness!!
Sarah-Beth Photography = super talented no? yes!
Check out her blog if ya like!
If you’re a photographer and would like to work out a swappy swap let me know! I’m always looking for you talented artists to take pretty pictures of my designs. I’m getting better when they are on a table in front of a window, but put those suckers on actual kiddos?… they turn out like this:

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  1. I'd LUUUUUURVE to do a swappy swap with ya! I could definitely pull together a variety of models for you! If you want to chat about it, let me know!

    Thanks, Laura!
    (my other contact info is on my site: :)

  2. Laura, thanks for the shout out!! I am so honored!! We got our BEAUTIFUL headbands in the mail today! I was so excited, I put it on my daughter at the post office! She looks so stinkin' cute!!! Thank you for doing such high quality work! I can't wait to photograph my little girls in these!! Thank you!!!

  3. Your work is beautiful Laura. Sarah does do some great work too!