Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy .5 my deary!

six. months. SIX! SIX MONTHS YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ::whaaaaaa??::

When did this happen? Lilly is the big .5 today. Holy mother. I could go into the whole "they grow up so fasssttt you guyzz!" but I won't....I'm just thinking it. Those of you bout to have babies, HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE. Your life will seem like its on FF. the THREE arrow kind..not the one arrow. The one where you try to stop it and go to far and you think CRAP! I gotta rewind again. Yea, that kind.

Here are the babes stats:

15 lbs

25 1/4

Eating Habits!
Just started regular solids. Night one of green beans could be summed up as an EPIC FAIL. She gagged, cried, and spit up/vomited them. Fingers crossed that night dos goes better. I've heard it takes a few nights. She usually eats bottle and cereal in am. lunch bottle. snack bottle. cereal and bottle for din. and a bed bottle. She drinks about 6 oz every meal.

Sleeping Habits!
Sleeping a solid 10 hours! Bed around 8ish up around 7:30ish. EXCEPT for the past two nights when Lilly was apparently invited to a late night bash starting about 3:00 am. She has woken up squealing, giggling, and being an all around doofus. Praying the late night raves stop.

mirrors! cereal! mommy! daddy! bubble kisses! links! chuck! (her animal that Scott and I can't agree on whether it is a chicken or a duck). swing! (weaning...) smiling strangers! flirting! singing in the car! tags! trying to fly off the changing table!

green beans! napping in her crib! universal health care!

She's a rolling fool. Alllllll over the living room. CHOO CHOO steamroller Lils is coming! I now am FORCED to vacuum a lot more. ::bummer:: She also does the " ahhmm gunna flii ov dis blankee rih now mommeeee, watch mi flaap!" movements. Flippin hilarious.

She is such a flirt. She will smile and squint those baby blues at ANYONE who passes. It's adorable. She will lift her head out of her car seat and look around smiling as if to say " Uhh-hello!! Beautiful baby here with a big pink bo-ohw! Do you see how cute I am? Gimme attennnnntttiiiiooon!" and it always works. "Suckkerrrzzz." She is most of the time a happy and LOUD giggling little gal. However, when she's mad or sad...holy cow watch out. She arrives like a hurricane and can ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.

I love my bebe and I'm so glad she's mine.


  1. Happy half birthday lilly!!! You are too precious for words :)

  2. Half a year is quite a milestone, for baby and mommy!

  3. your post is great. happy 0.5 birthday lil lilly! ;-) have a blast in florida and don't stress too much about the traveling. there's not a whole lot you can do if she does start screaming. it's a short flight and i KNOW you can do it. :-)

  4. Ahhh..this is such a cute post! And, I can totally sympathize with you about the vacuum comment! Clara's killing me with all her "rollingness! "I'm like "stay on your blanket little stinker!!" :)

  5. Love this post Laura!! She's such a cute little thing and I cannot believe how much she looks like both you and Scott. I wish I could tell you that it slows down- but mine is going to be 4(!) in a couple of months and I can't believe it!

  6. Love this post!!! Addison and Lily would get along SPLENDIDLY =] Same personalities! She's adorable!!