Saturday, March 6, 2010

breaking the addiction part one

HI, I'm Laura, and I have a daughter addicted to napping in her swing.

Lilly won't nap in her crib

and I'm afraid its alllllllll my fault. You see, I'm addicted to her swing. It works so fast. She sleeps so soundly. She sleeps so long!! But she's outgrowing it. Fast. and I'm already screwed.

Crib naps are short, restless, and are a drawn. out. process. So because I took the easy way out for 5 months, Lilly will not nap in her crib. She'll sleep 11 hours in it at night, but zero during the day. Dang it, Laura!!!

Today we declared war. Both parties put up a gallant fight. Lilly hollered and whined. She wiggled and threatened to suffocate herself with the blanket. I gently patted her belly and "shhhuu shuuuushhhhed" the darlin till my teeth tingled. I walked in. Walked out....waited. Thought surely this chick will cave soon. OH No....this gal can CRY IT OUT for over an hour. What the heck FERBER?!?!?!?!?

Then........and THEN she brought the big, fat "MOMMY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???!?!!?!?" tears and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll over.

Lilly: 1

Mom: 0

She napped in her swing. She HAS TO NAP! I can't have a cranky baby all afternoon because she won't nap in her crib! I feel at a loss of what to do with this child. I've created a swing addicted monster. She has two two hour naps at her sitters in a pack and play. She doesn't nap in the swing there. WTF Lilly? I really felt like calling the sitter today to ask her how she gets her to sleep. Isn't that awful? I feel like my sitter knows more about how to get my daughter to sleep than I do. That makes me wanna cry. Yep, crying.

She won the battle. I'm HOPING I win the war.

If you can't tell, I'm kind of a hot mess right now. Any advice??


  1. We had similar issues with Brennan when he moved to his big boy bed...granted he was 3 and not 6 months, BUT we just suffered through a few rough days with NO nap. Finally after a couple days, he was tired enough and crashed in his bed. From then on the cycle was broken :-)

  2. my mom is a pediatric nurse practitioner and suggests waiting to put her in her crib until Lilly is JUST about asleep. she says that Lilly has now figured out when you are not in the room with her so she cries until you come back in the room. my mom suggested a book by Jodi Mindell called "Sleeping through the night: how infants, toddlers and their parents can get a good night's sleep". she thinks it will have some good tips on nap time and other good stuff. she usually recommends that for families that she sees in her office. that's all i've got for ya. i hope that helps! :-)

  3. The lamby swing was the end to my son's naps too. Well I actually blame it for the entire reason he doesn't sleep on his own! Ok ok I know that's not fair because Im the one that put him in there so it is partly my fault but it is soooo easy so I feel ya. Gabe is 9 months old and won't take naps on his own AND he sleeps with us at night so if it makes you feel any better at least LIlly sleeps on her own at night..that's a HUGE battle that I could never win. I'm just waiting until I can reason with Gabe about how cool it is to sleep on his Oh well right?! That's my motto. Good luck to you though! :)