Sunday, July 1, 2012

weekly lillypie shop update ((rolled rose necklaces galore))

Didja know that I am 8 days away from delivering a baby? Holy mother he's coming sooooooon!!! Yesterday I sat down with a large glass of lemonade and made a handful of pretty rolled rose necklaces for you. Since going Ready to Ship earlier this month I have received lots of requests for these  necklaces. I am so eager to please my loyal cusomers so here ya go ladies!

((fun colors left to right))
raspberry, white, turquoise, cantelope, and bright blue
All necklaces are READY TO SHIP and listed for purchase in my SHOP

 If you can't decide which necklace would suit you best---do as the toddler crowd does and choose em' all!

lookin good lils.

Limited quanities available---don't wait or some hoochie will get your fave before you. I hate me some hoochies! ;)

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