Monday, June 25, 2012

weekly lillypie shop update ((moonstone, lollipop brooch, new headband colors))

 Happy Monday, my friends! I have a few updates to share with you today.

First up is a new necklace--  a dainty vintage moonstone necklace.
Back in December I ordered a  set of these precious stones and I'm just now getting around to making a necklace with them.  I debated putting a cluster or just a single stone on a necklace and decided to go with just one. There is something elegant and chic about a single stone hitting right at your collar bone. ;) I also love the way the light seems to reflect the colors that you're wearing. 

The second update I have for you is some new dainty rolled heabands.  I made several of the classic colors like violet, cabaret magenta, and coral---but I also got a little CRAZY and made a few in lemon, celery, white, and red. Forgot to snap a picture of the's adorable--you'll just have to trust me.

One more restock is the very popular Lollipop Brooch. I just love this flower to pieces. It literally matches everything. It's a wonderful little  summer accessory. I love wearing mine clipped to a solid tank.

Several other designs were restocked this weekend. Be sure to jump over to the lillypie shop and check them out.  Since all these lovelies are ready to ship---my turn around time is ONE DAY and a lot of the time SAME DAY.  How's that for fast, speedy service with a smile?  ::big grins::

All purchases made by Tuesday AM WILL BE in your hands in time for your Independence Day celebrations. Pinky!

Ready to shop?? Clickety click!


  1. Can I just tell you how excited I am to be having a little lady to put cute headbands and bows on from your adorable shop :) Your stuff is so adorable and I will definitely be getting some items very very soon!

  2. I'm excited to make some for you!! Congratulations! Little girls are so much fun. ;)