Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lillypie is READY TO SHIP ((shop update))

Lillypie is now READY TO SHIP.

Up until today --most  if not all my items were made to order. You order. I make. I package. I ship. Rinse annnnnd Repeat.

Now------ I make. You Order.  I Ship.  Rinse annnnnddddd Repeat. 

There are a few reasons for this change. The biggest reason is my little big man  in mah belleh.  I need more control over my business. Up until now it hasn't been an issue to keep up with orders. Busy weeks, slow weeks.....I really just went with the flow.  However with the arrival of the newbie---I need to control the amount of time spent on my business.

This will allow me to assess inventory and make lots of my best sellers--like the ruffled rose pendants, whimsical headbands, and  clip trios on my own time.

I'm hoping to curb the "ohhhmaaaaaaaaaaah gaaahhhhhhhh I need to make 6 head
bands, cook dinner, change a diaper, moby wrap my little, pay attention to my toddler, and keep mahself saneeeeee" breakdowns.

When I have time, energy, and the creative skitters (which I happen to get A LOT) I'll close myself off in my studio and make make make.

And what is REALLY exciting??
This change also benefits you, the awesome customer.

Everything listed in my shop is ready to go. No more production time. No more waiting for me to make-then package-then ship. The part that takes the most time will already be done!  You can expect your lillypies a whollleeee lot sooner. Whoommmmpaloomp!

So how will you know when I update the shop?
I will post updates as often as a can. Some weeks there might be dozens of items ready to fly. Other weeks----like early July (when mister arrives) there might be a few or heck....ZERO.

I'll ALWAYS notify via my facebook fanpage first.  Here's a link if you'd like to pop over. ;)
Shop Updates will also get their own blog posts on Mondays with lots of pretty pictures.

This is a big change for little lillypie but I'm excited for the opportunities ahead!

I just big fat puffy paint heart this business.

You're adorable,

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