Wednesday, August 1, 2012

daily snaps v. 3

 Is July really over? What the h?! Maybe it went super fast because I don't feel like I slept a wink in the month of july. It's basically been one really loonnngggggg day. and then I went to bed and baby was here. in my lap. wanting to eat. all the time.
In all seriousness, July was fabulous. It's not every month that you add a member to your family. A really cute chubby member. ;) This whole mom of two really hard.  Some days I go to bed thinking "well that was a big fat FAIL" and other days I think "rock on, laura, rock on." Lucky for me the SUCK days seem to alternate with the WIN days so it keeps me pretty even keeled---for me.

I'm learning to balance life with two children and Lilly is learning to balance the notion hat she is not in fact the center of everyone's universe. It's been a slow lesson for miss lilly bu I think we are turning corners. She adores her baby brother and in between  the tantrums and bossy pants attitude she throws my way she truly melts my heart.

Noah beside being adorable and squisy is.....GASSY. He's currently sitting in his swing letting me know he is all man by grunting, farting, and I'm pretty sure sharting. ;) I can't get enough of this kid. 

Lillypie---ohhhh lillypie. I'm torn at this moment. I really really am itching to start making things again. I've sketched out some ideas for fall---but that's as far as I can get.  Soon things will settle down and I'll act on my creating itch--but for right now I need to put the money making ideas aside and focus on my family and myself. My goal is to open up shop again late August with a new mini collection for fall. I'll probbbabbbllly wanna do a giveaway OR TWO....and I'll probbbbbbbabbblllly do a sale as well. Cause I prroobbbabbbbblllly love my customers/friends/family/sweet internet frands. ;)

Photos are from my instagram feed. I'm LauraLillypie if you wanna hang. andddd......I just recently started stalking Jef....the JEF on IG. zomg.

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