Sunday, August 5, 2012

weekly lillypie shop update ((gorgeous beaded necklaces))

Helloooooo dear friends!! I sat down this weekend and made some RAD new beaded necklaces.  I know what you might be thinking, and yes I DID say I was going to wait to reopen the shop.  Then----the planets aligned and the children napped SIMULTANEOUSLY for two hours on Saturday and I decided to try out an idea I had--and then I couldn't stop!!  I just enjoy creating pretty jewelry.  Lillypie is still going to be ONLY ready to ship now---so if you fancy one of these designs please don't wait. I don't know when/if I'll be making more--unless you want to volunteer to babysit. hehe.

the rebecca. 

the abby.

the jane.
the gabrielle.

purchase all of them by scooting on over to my shop!! :)

and if you wanted to pin them to your favorite board on pinterest that'd be awesome too. :)

annnnnd if you're an educator you're going to really wanna BOUNCE over to the lillypie FB page. There is a super special giveaway going on just for you and it ends MONDAY NIGHT after Bachelor Pad. Seriously----it goes with  ALL YOUR TEACHER CARDIGANS. You know you have a ton! (wink!)

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  1. I am a tad OBSESSED with these. LOVE it girl!