Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Iced Coffee Recipe ((for the frugal momma))

I'm afraid I'm in the no-sleeping-ever season of life.  I'm hopeful that sleep will return sometime before 35, time will tell. Like my mother and many mothers before me I believe firmly in caffiene. I'll need LOTS of coffee to help aid my survival of the next few years.  I enjoy a good cup of joe but reallllllly swoon over a large iced coffee.  However, I  cannot afford the $4-6 price tag of a daily iced latte and frankly I would rather stab my eyes out with a  barbie shoe than embark on the CIRCUS that is loading up two children into the car each day.

My friend Holly shared an iced coffee recipe with me a week into motheroftwodom and it is too money not to share. I believe it's wayyyy better than McDonald's and Dunkin's and ranks a smidgen below Starbucks. It's  approximately $8 for an ENTIRE pitcher ( about 8 large iced heavens) and totally customizable to fit your taste. I should also add that after  purchasing the initial ingredients the only item I have to buy new with each pitcher is a half gallon of milk. Hear that?? It's the sound of money RE-ENTERING your wallet.  :)

I've been guzzling pitchers of this for 5 weeks now and I just felt the need to share this recipe with you.  It's  liquid joy.

1. Gather ingredients: milk, instant coffee, sugar, hot water, ice, and your favorite creamer. I always stick with carmel--but I've had friends try hazelnut, vanilla, and creme brulee and love it.

2. Combine ingredients in 2 quart container. I use the shaker kind made by Rubbermaid. I got it at Target for a few bucks.

//this is a HALF BATCH. the recipe will fill 1/2 of this container////

3. Shake until frothy

4. Pour over ice

5. Down the hatch! :)

Seriously so simple and delicious. I enjoy always having it on hand.

 A few sips amidst chaos does wonders for my soul....and sanity.


  1. Yum, sounds good...I usually have some leftovers in the pot from my morning the afternoon when I'm ready for an iced coffee I just throw that in my cocktail shaker with the same type of creamer and some milk and ice...shake it up and pour over fresh ice and enjoy=) It would be nice to have it on hand whenever you want it though!

  2. Yummy!I crave for coffee always and especially iced cold coffee. You are truly gifted.I will share your site with my friends and family.

  3. I'm writing down the ingredients now and heading to the store...Thanks! I need all the help to stay awake that I can get:)

  4. Thank you! I will be purchasing this for myself when my little lady gets here in a couple months! Because I know I am going to need it and won't be able to afford to go out and buy one all the time or WANT to gather up to kids when I am completely exhausted to go get one either! So I am going to be pinning this & keeping it for when she gets here :)

  5. I feel you on the little is 19 months and lately is waking up ALL.THE.TIME. Just have to try this yummy pick me up! Thanks for linking up friend~