Monday, August 20, 2012

weekly lillypie shop update ((share them!!!!!!))

several new accessories in the shop today! you'll of course have to pippity pop over to the SHOP to purchase annnnnnddddd in case ya didn't know --all items are READY TO SHIP.  So you'll get them  in your hands and in your pretty hair quickety quick.

annie whimsical headband--NEW color combo of magenta, violet, and turquoise!!

Have you ever worn a lillypie? My thin stretchy headbands are spectacular and comfortable.  Obviously they'd be adorable on your  little gal but they are also fun for you!  They are the right amount of fun and sophistication.

turquoise clip--so many fun uses!

NEW design!! pinched flower clippies!
shown in violet, berry blue, and turquoise

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