Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She's smokin ((lilly turned three))

Two hours after my little gal turned three her hair caught on fire.

And so far---that moment has set the tone of this being three business.

It was the typical family birthday cake setting. Homemade box cake slathered in uneven pink frosting in a 9x11 pan. Rainbow sprinkles and three proud candles  made the cake the perfect way to ring in three fun and crazy years.  Happy as a lark she climbed up in her chair and asked on repeat " it's time for happy cake now?? now? NOW? NOW!?!?????".  Little did she know that a simple happy birthday celebration requires many things.

1. moving her in front of the window for good lighting in photos.
2. shushing and bouncing the little brother that likes to steal the spotlight.
3. finding the derned lighter that shows up in random places in random times.
4. keeping the cake out of arms reach of an overeager three year old
5. explaining  several times that we have to SING to her before you can actually blow out the candles.

A sweaty mom and 15 minutes later we were finally ready to celebrate our girl. Scott brought over the cake, we both sang, I took pictures, and our little gal GLOWED.  She beamed and even sang the song herself. She was proud to be three. This was her day. She was a BIG GIRL.  She leaned over to blow out those three amazing candles lit. for. her. and Whooosh. Up in flames.

The right side of her hair was glowing like her smile. I dropped my camera and screamed. Scott started slapping lilly to stamp out the flames. She started crying that we didn't let her blow out the candles. and Noah joined in the freak out party by promptly losing his mind.

She's fine. You can't even notice the crispy hair. After 24 hours the stench of burnt hair left our home.

and lilly felt the need to  announce that "Next time? I be SUPAH careful. We don't light our hair on fire, do we."

No lilly, we don't.

This girl is taking on three and blazin it up.

smiles. shrieks. twirls. " i do dis by.myself momma.", tantrums. whining. kisses. i love  yous. one more hug and kiss. flailing. "you take ponies away if I don't listen", "I did that last years", we don't potty our panties, you need help--yes or no. You happy? I'm happy. dancing. princesses. dinosaurs. my little ponies. care bears. super why. glitter. markers. stickers and fruit snacks. oh  and fire safety.

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  1. Love it! So glad it can be a funny blog post and not a oh my gosh...we went to the ER post!!!