Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes ((Latte Da Preview))

Latte Da is coming ya'll!!! In just a few short days!! Snaps if you're excited to add some fall lillypie to your wardrobe!!

I thought I'd share a little bit into the process of coming up and designing Latte Da.  I'm a small business but it's a lot of BIG work to create new designs and products each season.  I'm not a professional. I didn't go to school for this. This is what inspires and works for me---so I'm sharin'.

I always start with sketches. I grabbed a sharpie and just started. I'll tell ya that not all my sketches made it into the collection. I'm saving a few for later because whoooo lordy I don't have goobles of time here.

After the initial sketches I started picking out fabrics and a color scheme. I've found the best way for me to decide on colors is to pick two or three BOLD colors and then two or three NEUTRALS.  My bolds this collection are vintage amber, persimmon, and plum. My neutrals are ash, neutral, and dusty aqua.  When I go shopping---I always go COLOR when picking out accessories---ESPECIALLY if it's expensive. If I'm going to buy something that is more than 20 bucks I want it to stand out. If I'm being transparent here---I want it to get compliments ( do you do that too?).  So---next time you see me? Compliment me on my rust red scarf?! hehe.

However, not everyone has that same idea when it comes to shopping for accessories. Lots of ladies love the neutrals--if you're going to spend money on you or your daughter you want LOTS AND LOTS of use out of it. You want to get your money's worth annnnnd get compliments on your style and taste. Two thumbs up there too.

I've got both types of ladies covered. I split the collection down the middle and made sure to have equal bold and neutral pieces.  YAY!

Latte Da also has a lot more baubled beauties. I don't want to stray from my roots of headbands that are meant to be shared but good golly I loooooooove making necklaces ((and now bracelets!!!)). I wanted more necklaces in this collection because selfishly they are lots of fun to make!

Being a new mother again I've got this lovely extra LOVE hanging around my mid section. Thanks, Noah.  Someone once told me that a big statement necklace is the best way to draw the eye UPWARD and I agree. So I make lots of them. and I wear lots of them. Lattteeeee da.

So after sketching, scooping up pretty fabrics, piecing together new headbands and necklaces, I come up with a name for the collection of designs--because it's fun. Fall 2012 is boring. Latte Da is fun.

Sipping hot chocolate with your littles on a crisp fall day is fun. Gathering for some girl time in local coffee shop sharing your heart and life is necessary. Soaking up a moment for YOURSELF with a cup before the crazy begins is important. Enjoying the spontaneous fun moments in life is glorious. Latte Da!

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY YET?! Scootch back a post!! Free manicure and two free lillypies to a lucky lady!!! GO....GO now!! :)

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