Friday, October 5, 2012

Latte Da Collection ((is here!!))


Latte Da is here! :)
all designs and goodies are available in my shop.
Take a look and go pick out something nice for yourself. It's Friday, you deserve it. I said it was okay. :)

A week ago I met up with some friends downtown for a quick lillypie coffe shop styled photo shoot. I worked with Jessica of Lemongrass Photography.  She was a doll to work with! I enjoyed meeting one of my internet friends out from behind a screen and was really impressed with her style, demeanor, and enthusiasm for her art. Oh, and she brought her beaaaauuutiful 2 week old son with her. Yes, you read that right---she was out working TWO WEEKS AFTER giving birth. Wowsa. :)

so, here's my fall/winter collection.
((nervously shuffling my feet))


Biiig thanks again to Jessica of Lemongrass Photography. Weren't these images caauutte?!

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