Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday partaaaaay!

Lilly's birthday was super fun. We woke her up singing happy birthday. Her face lit up when we sang and she started bouncing in her green jammies. Her already outta control hair was EXTRA outta control on her birthday.I contemplated putting product in it, but then realized that crazy hair = lilly. So I decided against it. Here are some{read--A FRICKIN ton} detail and party pics of Lilly's birthday. No theme. I found a dress at Target {lurve} and planned the party around the color scheme. I later cut up that dress and made her bib and onesie.  I made all the decorations and had a blast doing it. I was really inspired by all the party blogs. YEA....PARTY BLOGS. My faves? Hostess with the Mostess and Kara's Party Ideas. I had so much fun making stuff.  No. REALLY. Like too much fun. Like I wanna be a 1st birthday party planner. NOW. 


ahm one. eye rock.
door sign

 lilly bears, baby cakes, and lil' sunshines
I tried to name everything with a nickname that I use for Lilly
You know, since the day was all about her. :)
cupcakes: TARGET
Target has my heart 100%. They were fab.
tiered tray and cake stand: 50 cent plates  and candlesticks from goodwill (scrubbed and scoured...don't fret!)  spray painted and glued together using E600.
addicted to doing this now.

 I hung tissue pom flowers and white laterns from all the ceiling fans in the kitchen, living, and sun rooms.
They really transformed the space.
Tissue paper + martha stewart= love
oh hi flag banner!

a friend  of mine, whose name just happens to be Lilly, made this cake for Lilly. PERFECT. She's so talented.

 I was so glad that I did this. I took a month picture of lilly in the same chair with the same bear every month. I loooove looking at this. I might continue it even though the year milestone is passed. "Lilly sit in your chair!! This is your 8 year 4th month picture!!!!"

drinking glasses + ribbon+ cheapo crazy daisies= modern splash of color for centerpieces

Lilly clearly had a great time.

She decided to take her first three steps at the party. Towards clothes.
Atta Girl!


 her cousins adore her....and she adores them.

 I covered Dora party hats from the party store with scrapbook paper I had leftover from the flags.
It was a good idea in theory. Apparently kids HATE party hats. Who knew?

Happy Birthday toooo meeeee!!!

I tried my derndest to get a good family picture.


I believe everyone had a great time at the party. I love getting together with family and close friends. I love that my family is growing. I love that my friends are becoming more like family.

I tried to take a moment to step back during the party to really soak in the fact that Lilly is ONE. It was a birthday to me too ya know. My first year as a mom.
I survived.




  1. Oh Laura what a beautiful party for Miss Lilly! Seriously you should be a professional party planner. Happy Birthday sweet Lilly!!!

  2. It looked fabulous Laura! You did a great job. I am sure Lilly had a blast and knew all the hard work you put into her party. You look great too!

  3. aww everything looks so pretty!!

  4. OK you should be a party planner. CUTE photos girl :) WAY to go momma!

  5. This party is so very adorable! The picture of L with her little nose squished up is the cutest pic ever! Lol, I love these photos!

  6. Amazing party! You did great! Happy 1st to both you and Lilly :-) And....I MISS YOU!

  7. ok you totally outdid yourself on this party! it was fantastic....maybe you found another niche to add to ur planner and bow maker! the shirt turned out fantastic too...another add to ur etsy store! initial shirts!

    loved all the pictures and yes, lilly needed her 'crazy' hair or it wouldn't have been lilly!

    love the chair idea...must do this for baby #5

  8. laura - you really out did yourself on lily's birthday! i love everything about the party

  9. Loved the crazy creative plate stand. Loved all the decorations. Loved that you named all the treats after your little cutie-pa-tutie and lastly LOVED your dress & necklace!!! You SO should be a One year old birthday party decorator/planner!!Seriously.


    Oh and glad you got the book! Hope you like it as much as I did!! :)

  10. Everything looked GREAT!! You really went over the top!

  11. How precious! Everything looked great and I'm loving that you seem to also be color coordinated with her birthday colors! You outdid yourself!

  12. okay seriously by far the cutest party I have ever need to enter this into a contest or something! amazing!

  13. You are like my twin. They have these great candy tables on Flkr all the time, and I swore that for Nik's second birthday I would have this great candy table, so I am totally doing this next year! We had cupcakes and some candy at Nik's one year, but I'm jealous you have a icing bag, the icing looks fabulous! We had a candy table at or wedding, and the candy containers are floating around my parents shop somewhere, we just couldn;t find them for Nik'[s birthday, ha! I wanted some of those paper flowers last year, but couldn't afford them. All the food looks fab! Love Lilypie's outfit. Too cute. Lots of great photos! This was amazing!! Great Job!