Sunday, October 10, 2010

negligence, appologies, gifts to readers, and fall gems.

Hi Friends--

So sorry for my long absence and negligence with this blog. Don't worry you're not alone....I've been ignoring my other one too.

BIG CHANGES for Lillypie! Lillypie accessories is growing and expanding. I will be launching the etsy site for Lillypie in a few short weeks. Once the website is launched, this blog will be a place to see new product, get insider deals, awesome giveaways, and previews of upcoming pretties.

I get most of my items wholesale from places like ebay and etsy supplies. It's great and it has allowed me to be creative.  However I've come upon a downfall. OUT OF STOCK-ness. I am currently out of stock of many colors of flowers including the INSANELY popular shabby pink color. EGADS!

Unfortunately  a lot of my lillypies are currently out of stock until spring. It's okay in my opinion. I have the style idea that if the flower isn't grown naturally in that season, it shouldn't probably be worn. Because don't you really want your little bayyybbeee to look like she was just frolicking in the garden and oh-just-so-happendly had a precious flower fall into her hair? hehe.

Because of my out of stock boo hooos...I've gone to hand sewing each flower that I create. THAT way they will NEVER run out...unless my hands fall off. :) I've posted some  pictures of what I am currently creating at the bottowm of this post. I say currently because my ideas and taste seem to change with each passing week.  I love these sewn baby silk roses. They are perfect for fall and I find myself wearing one either in my hair, on my purse, or on my cardigan (helloooo...i'm a teacher...cardis are the new apple jean jumper.) .

Thanks for hanging in there with me. AND checking this blog. I appreciate it. My business has grown because of word of mouth. SO THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You are allowing me to do what I enjoy. YOU are supporting a mother with BIG CRAFTY SWIRLY DREAMS.

As of today I have 16 public followers. ::waving to my friends!::  I'm giving you gals 30% off any order between now and November 1.
If you become a public follower. I'll give you 20% off any order between now and November 1.

Are you wondering what the heck a public follower is? Go to the right side of the blog. Click on follow this blog. Click public follower. Bam boom. You're done. :) When you are a public follower you can get updates right to your google reader.


the ellie $3

the delaney $5

the ellie $3

the sophie $5

the harper $6

a collection of claires $6 each
the claire is a bobby pin/pin for the non bib wearing gals. :)

Fall goodies!

email me at to get your thank you!

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