Monday, July 5, 2010

about lillypie

hi, i'm laura and i make the lillypies.

i'm a new mom. a new mom to lilly, who is 9 months of crazy. i love her and she's my entire world.

i'm also a teacher. i teach 4th grade. and right now is my favorite time of the year.

ahhhhh sweet summa.

i had lilly in september and it was very hard going back to school. i had a rough go of things. while dreaming of how to be a stay-at-home mom i decided that i wanted to create something. i wanted an etsy shop that would make me millions.

here we are. millions? i'm waiting. i don't have an etsy shop, but that is in the works.

i make the hairbands while lilly naps. i love it. really..... i do. i love creating new designs and custom ones as well. i'll do anything you want me to... except  cheer for purdue and eat steak.

i make em' in my kitchen. each band is made with love.

i really love seeing pictures of cuties wearing my bands. i eventually want to get into making bows and other stylish accessories for women. accessories make an outfit....even when you're 9 months. trust.

will you help me make my millions? i'll remember you.....i swear. :)

enjoy browsing!

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