Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The past few days have been a blast in more ways than one....

Lilly has a stomach bug. The kind that blows out with anger. :( She has been drinking pedialyte for 48 hours now. Have you ever tasted that gunk? It's about 25% WORSE than the orange crap you drink when you're pregnant.

nooo...she didn't get the hot fudge and carmel! do you honestly think I'd fork that over? psh.

{I wonder what made her stomach hate her and her pampers be a mere target to be blasted through? eee. }

Anyway...this weekend we were at Scott's mom side family reunion. No! Don't feel sorry for me. It is not THAT kind of family reunion. It's a blast. There are no strange casseroles with unidentified ingredients. No older than dirt people who are critizing the way thingz r dun these days. There is puppy chow in BIG! bins. Chicken fights in the pool. A crazy- ruckus-inducing-table breaking spoons game {that is not actually played with spoons but rather match books because of injuries}. and lots of laughter.
prolly my new fave

our little chapter of the reunion group.
NOTE: LAURA! NEXT YEAR GET PICTURES OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. dork! get pics of people you only see at the reunion. Seriously.... der.

Yes, this is the plaque. Yes, he won this year. No, I have no idea where to put it. No, it's not going on the mantle Scott.

Back to diaper duty and pedialyte my friends. Hopin this ends soon.


  1. Hey You-

    Love your pics, sounds like tons of fun! Looks like Lils had too much fun! I thought the exact thing about her stomach bug when I saw that food, ha ha! Probably more to do with all hte people loving on her.

    I saw your prev post about the DSLR. I know you'll save enough, they are much cheaper this year than they were last year. My friend got hers for a steal for what we paid for mine, not fair!

    I wish I had more time to develop to my photography. I love it so much!!! My hubs just indorectly broke my prime lens, Nik yanked it off the table, and my hubs thought that he could fix it, ha! Just made it worse, boo! So, now I have to save for a new lens, ugh!

    I have been dying to get a Shey B strap too!! I want one of all of them, aaahhhh!! Love them!

    Hey, if you facebook, will you vote for our little pumpkin? We entered her into a Beautiful Baby contest through a local radio station. The link is on my July 26th post!

    Thank you so much!! Love ya and that little Lils, she is too cute, XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh, the pics with the spaghetti are PRICELESS!!! And you guys look like you had an amazing weekend :)

    I also agree with Lindsay.....Lilly is adorable!

  3. Awww poor girl hope she's back in busniess soon!!

  4. Ohhhhh feel better little Lily!

  5. Hope she's feeling better soon! The stomach bug is so yucky for baby AND mom!!!!

    Glad to see Lilly in one of those pics without shoes. I always get GG dressed in the cutest outfits and then like clockwork, off come the shoes! They are so hard to keep on her! Makes me feel better to see that other babies occasionally go barefoot!