Sunday, July 18, 2010

new stuff! new stuff!

I've uploaded a bunch of new stuff and screwed up my entire blog design in the process. Problem-- Blogger demands that  you can only have 10 floating pages at the top of your blog. Bigger Problem--I have more than 10 designs and I'd ideally like a page to be devoted to each design. SOLUTION--After pouting, stamping my foot, and threatening to hold my breath....and realizing that it would do no good, I reconfigured everything. I KNOW...annoying, Laura. So I've tried to combine designs into easy to navigate categories. Feedback is always welcome. If you have an idea or know more about bliggity blogs than I do...HALP. :)

I added a new BIGGO flower, new tuxedo bow headbands and clippies, and DOG COLLARS. I knoooow. Awesome, right?!

Thanks for reading. You should become a follower. That way I feel like I have people who care about lillypie, and YOU get updates of new things, freebies, and sales. Win. Win.

1 comment:

  1. I love the new layout. It is great! You're doing a fabulous job!