Thursday, July 29, 2010

branches of the family tree

My grandpa died a few years ago. He died of cancer and was in hospice during his final days. I wish SO MUCH that he could have met Lilly. Hewas a man of integrity and love.  He kept my grandmother {somewhat} sane...she's a kooky nut and  he could create and fix anything with his hands. He's who I inherited my left handedness and artsy side from. I loved the way he said my name. No one said it like him.  I can't describe it, but there was just a way that he pronounced it. Maybe it was the Evansville drawl. I don't know. Anyway... I wish he could have met Lilly.

Scott has a great uncle, Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron has an UNCANNY resemblance to my grandpa. Like a brother from another mother...for real. I've always thought so and in the years after my grandfathers passing, it's been a melancholy feeling seeing him. He reminds me of him in so many ways.

Uncle Ron fell in love with Lilly last weekend. As you might have inferred, Lilly is a mover and a shaker-- not much of a cuddler these days. She has other places she'd rather be than cozying up on a lap. But not with Uncle Ron. He scooped her up and she nuzzled right into him. The weirdest thing. She won't do that to me unless I have her bottle and she's pulling the 'ahm pitiful. gimme wat I want' card. Seeing him hold her and love on her was like seeing her with my grandpa. It pulled at ALL my heart strings.

All weekend he held her. Uncle Ron is the oldest living member of the family able to make the trek to the reunion and  thus held the trump card. If Uncle Ron had one would dare take her away. Oldest cutest old man card. Works every time. 

I love moments when everything seems to connect. This weekend while making memories with a newer branch of my family I was able to connect to a lifelong branch. A branch that came to an end. A man I called grandpa. Who I'm sure held me like great Uncle Ron held Lilly.


  1. OH these photos are so sweet. Generations are the best!

  2. She gets cuter every time you post a pic!

  3. This is so sweet!! How wonderful that you have these photos to show her when she's older. That's so sweet how she took to him, I bet he loved it!!

    Lilly is just so adorable. She def is a sweetie pie! Just simply beautiful! I love her little outfit! She will def be a heartbreaker!