Thursday, July 22, 2010

cheetahs! and animal look alikes.

My husband has had the past three days off. It's been so nice. Little family time. Yesterday we decided to pack up the 122,432,567,908 things required to take a baby anywhere and go to the zoo. So. much. fun.

I really wanted to see the new cheetah exhibit. cheetahs! amazing!

I was also looking forward to seeing the dolphin show.

I couldn't wait to  touch the "touch a real, live, da dun, shark" exhibit...I mean let lilly touch it 

I also couldn't wait to be entertained by the penguins. Proof that God has an amazing sense of humor. I know! I'll make their torso go down THIS far...buahahaha. silly animals. waddle penguins, waddle!! wings? just for decoration this time. :) the zoo. We went there for lilly!! eeehhhhh....I mean me. :)

Anyway, cheetahs? They. just. sit. there. I guess I was expecting cheetahs! running fast! chasing each other! woah, was that a cheetah blurrrrr????!!! P.S.Very beautiful animals, very boring animals in a zoo. 

We had a great time. Lillly loved the dolphin show the most. She loved when everyone clapped. She loved the music. She loved that she got to eat cheerios! and see things jump in the air. She loved the air conditioning (smart girl).

Oh!! and you know how sometimes people look like animals? Sometimes people look like their dogs. Lilly? We found her animal look alike. Poor girl. :)

One day you're hair will lay flat darlin', one day.

Look! We even found my animal look alike. Arg.

Take me home pleeeease to my puffs and chewable duck momma. Iv ad enuff of dis. Dese seals r swimmun in serculs. Less go. :)


  1. How cute! Love your family posts!!

  2. look at that sweet baby's hair! love it! at least her look alike is just as cute!

    love the end message...take me home to my puffs! haha

    glad y'all had that time together!

  3. That comparison is dead on! How cute is she?! Looks like yall had a good trip. :)

  4. Too cute! That bird is hilarious! And I would have loved to see the dolphin show! I forgot how much the zoo can be for us big kids too :)

  5. how fun! I love the hair look cute!

  6. Oh my goodness! Look at your little girl's beautiful eyes! And I seriously laughed out loud when you said Lilly found her 'twin'. Too cute :)

    I'm your newest follower, by the way!

  7. What a fun day!! The look alike picture of lilly cracked me up. :)