Saturday, July 17, 2010

flippin nuts.

Twins. Oh my. Still recovering.

My neighbor has a daughter the same age as Lilly. They are best friends. She's the one with the  gobs of hair. I look at her with envy. :) Unfortunately, there was a family emergency in their house that required my neighbor to be at the hospital all day from Wednesday-Friday. I was luckily able to watch their little nugget so that they were free to take care of family without worrying about Brooke.

The three days I watched were so much fun and so overwhelming at the same time. Since pictures are more fun anyway, and sometimes when I get to a blog post which is rather long winded, I tend to move along, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. {waaay, too, many, commas, in, that, sentence,sorry,} Praise the Lord for the Lexapro. I needed it this week just to stay sane. Mommies with twins? GOD BLESS YOUR WONDERFUL TIRED AMAZING TUCKERED CRAZY SOULS!!!!!!!! Octomom? You're flippin nuts.

DISCLAIMER--- I'm not one of those moms that keep my house tidy. Tidy definitely does not describe me. Please don't judge. Kthanks. :)

First tweedle dee and tweedle daredevil tried to climb the bright colored boxes next  the GLOWING thingy

"Hey! I's haves one uv dems too!" Paci War Uno. Yes, this ended in tears.
The only time they were both completely still for THREE. WHOLE. DAYS.

"Wouldn't the WHOLE room look better wif more wipes? TOTALLY. "
" I luuuuuvvvveee wipessss!!!"

new game? biting butts!!
first one to slobber on all the clothes winnzzzzz!

lilly got really jealous of the hair and tried to borrow some. brooke did not like this plan.


I think I'll lay off the sweet potatoes for a while. My mom said she was looking orange and I though" Pssssh mom you have NO idea what you're talking about she's not ORANGE! Der." Looking at the above picure? Well....maybe she kinda is.

Brooke and Lilly live in living color....


  1. how stinkin cute! what fun for lilly to have a play mate. oh and we are also very jealous of the hair!

  2. As tired as you were, it looks like you had fun.

  3. Oh my gosh they are adorable together! What a SWEET friend you are to babysit :)

  4. I'm tired just LOOKING at all the pics of them!! They are soooo cute together, but I don't know how people do it with 2 young ones!! I'm tired with just 1.

  5. They are so adorable! I bet you did have your hands full though!

  6. Hahahahaha! Oh wow! Those pictures are tooo funny! I loved the commentary as well! :)

  7. Cuter than words! Brooke does not look happy to have her napless day called out, ha. I love it. Looks like you did great with twinsies. :)