Tuesday, September 21, 2010

flag banner {DIY}

I know she won't remember it. Our guests won't even remember it. But I will. And I'll remember the fun I had creating details for my little miss Diva's first birthday.

All the decorations for Lilly's party were made out of a box of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and tissue paper.

I paid $10 for a box ( thanks to 50% off  @ Michaels)  of trendy paper that coordinated in the party colors and was able to create an entire scheme for Lilly's party.BAM!

My favorite detail so far? Her flag banners. Super easy to make. I've made 5. eeeks.
hope you can come to the flag party guyzzz!!!

1. Chose the colors of paper you'd like and a coordinating ribbon

2. Trace the size flag you want on your banner to make a template. I eyeballed it.

3. Fold your paper in half so that when you cut it your flag triangles have two sides. Trace your template on all of your folded paper.

4. Cut out your triangles and arrange them on your *NEW* wood floors ;) how you'd like them displayed. I'm a big fan of NON-patterns. When arranging, and this is really weird, I cross my eyes and see how the colors mesh. If it looks good with crossed eyes...I'm good to go.

::pausing for laughter and mockery::
Try it. Haterz.

All you right-handed left brained people will probably need a pattern. That's ok too --if my cross eyed method doesn't work for you.

5. Roll out your ribbon and knot the end leaving room for you to tie your banner onto things...like curtain rods, deck posts, people's necks.
I'm sure there is a fancier way to do this, but I just rolled tape balls and placed the creased side of the flag over the ribbon and placed the tape  on the paper and ribbon to make sure there is no slidage. Slidage=overlapping flags=party foul.

6. I made 5 banners for Lilly's party . I only put letters on the "happy birthday" one. I typed the letters using a circular label template.  I googled it and found one from Avery. I used a scrap booking circle maker  and cut out my letters.  At first, I just taped them on using my little tape balls. That didn't quite look 'finished' so I used raised glue dots to make them raised a squinch.

I can't WAIT for Saturday!

:) :) :)

Super easy. Super cheap.


  1. These look great Laura! Have fun with her party :) I can't believe she's 1 - it goes so darn fast doesn't it?

  2. love the banner -- they look so pretty hanging in rooms! the hardest part about making it would be crossing my eyes :) can't wait to hear more about her party :)

  3. I love this and after paying a bunch for someone else to make the one for GG's b'day I'm kicking myself. Those colors are fantastic and go you!