Thursday, December 29, 2011

two year old thoughts on Christmas

What a wonderful holiday. I hope you had a relaxing and joy-filled one as well. It's funny that I posted last week about joy because my little love filled me with it this week. It was on Christmas Eve with tears in my eyes that I decided to start making notes of the  "Two year old Christmas*isms of Lilly". I'll surely want to remember them and hopefully they will make you chuckle as well.

"ah mommay?  i eat cheese on Chri chis!"

"ah santa brind illy suckerzz! I yike dat! I yike HIM!"

" eye wanda sang jindal balls!!!!!!" -very loudly during our christmas eve service

" Oh no! Comed Back, Santas! Cookies all gone!!" "yes, santa ate them lilly" " Ind santas bootdie?"

"Hapty Cake for Jesssusss birdday? I lovd Jejessss. I help blowed the cantles fer him."

Lilly did you have a good Christmas? "Ah yesss I havt SUCKERRRRSS!!! and ponies"

I love you lilly. " I go poopy potty now."

"mommy daddy illy go swleeep, watch mickey, play toys, eat cookies morrow too?

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  1. I am DYING to meet her in real life! I need to give her a squeeze. I am coming back to KY at the end of January. LETS MEET UP?? XOXO