Sunday, December 18, 2011

family pictures

Wanted to share with you some of our family pictures that we had taken back in mid November.  Sarah-Beth Photography took them and I adore them all. I love the way that she captures the family essence in her shots. I also love how she makes you feel like a super model for a hot second. Enjoy!

Here are my thoughts on family portraits...

Yes, they are expensive. However, if you find a photographer that you love and admire then the investment is totally worth it.  I personally would rather give my money to a woman pursuing her passion than the disgruntled JCPenny teenager who does not care about me or my family. I know your rebuttal--Yes, a professional photographers cost is still quite a bit more than the click and shoot studios.  Think of it this way---

You buy a shirt-on clearance-you  don't love it,but it's ONLY $5!!! I can totally find a way to rock this shirt that is basically free. You try it is OKAY. BUT IT IS ONLY FIVE DOLLARS! You buy it--PROUD of the massive deal you got. It hangs in your closet in all it's  IWASDIRTCHEAP glory. You wear it once---and after that day there it hangs. for all eternity-- or until you toss it in a goodwill pile. It wasn't you. It was cheap. It was "good enough" for right now. spend your hard earned dollars on a researched piece. You saw the boots online.  You went to the store. You tried them on.  You love them.  You leave the store because No.....I CAN"T SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY on BOOOOTTTSSS!!  The next day you think about those boots.  The following week you're carving out ways to pay for those boots. That next weekend you BUY the boots. You practically wear them to bed you love them so much. You get compliments on your killer boots. YOu feel great.Yea, they were more expensive--but they are a statement piece--something that oozes your personality and style.

Family portraits done by a professional are my fabulous boots. They encompass my family, personality, and style. Yes, they are quite a bit more expensive--but these pictures will not be hanging in my closet.


  1. they are so beautiful & worth every penny!!!

  2. Cute picture!! ur family is so cute!!!

  3. I love these photos!! You have such a beautiful family dear!!

  4. You have the cutest family! That Lilly is so darn cute!