Wednesday, April 30, 2014

S T I T C H F I X // april

Monday was a bit gloomy around our house. Kids were cranky. Mom was cranky. We were running low on food and it was lunch time. Noah and Lilly fought over the same dang green train all morning and I was ready to light the thing on fire. No one in our family was the best version of themselves. and then the doorbell wrang.


with my April Stitch fix. RAISE THE EVER LOVING ROOF.

a bright spot in a gloomy Monday friends!
Tops this month were two tab sleeved blouses and a striped tank.

  • While I think the tab sleeved blouses are adorable I already own one from my last fix. I do think the polka dot one is quite precious.
  • White blouse is cute---but not workable into my current wardrobe. That means it will probably hang a lot and that means I should not keep it
  • The tank is versatile, cute, unlike anything I already own, and different --I also have a love affair with stripes. It hung oddly on me though. And that made me super sad---I was going to keep it--but decided that I didn't need another adorable tank that fit weird. I would WANT to wear it but know that it would probably end up in a frustrated pile during a rushed morning because it just felt weird on me.
This month they sent me two bottom pieces:
  • Shorts were adorable.
  • Jeans were boot cut. I KNOW that it's making a comeback. However I cannot get back on the boot leg jean wagon. Too many bad memories of wet pant legs, fraying hems, and hiding of my shoes. #toomanyjncosinmiddleschool To be honest slipping on a flared jean makes to slingshot back to 1997---thanks but no thanks #longlivetheskinnies
This month I kept one item, the shorts.

This fix didn't knock it out of the park for me. I was expecting puppies, rainbows, and fireworks like the MARCH fix.  This might happen and I understand that. Someone who doesn't know me personally is picking out items for me---it will happen. I had to ask myself some questions..
  • did I have fun? yeppppppp
  • was this easier than dragging preschoolers to the mall? yeeeppppppppp
  • did I find something i loved? yeppppppppp
  • did I spend crazy amounts of money? nooppppppeeeeee $33 for the shorts.

Stitch fix still has my shopping heart. I'm already looking forward to next month. I requested some fun vacation attire for my excursion to the beach. I can't wait to see what they pick!

Check out my three month review  HERE!

Would you like to give Stitch Fix a try? Use my referral link  below if you want. I'll be honest, if you sign up through me I get $25 to spend on my next fix. and that's awesome. the end. :)

Stitch Fix


  1. love the polka dot shirt and the shorts!

    1. the shortsmy favorite as well! Good fitting long enough not to expost bits shorts are so rare! :)

  2. So it's $20 per fix, but that goes towards anything you purchase? If you don't purchase anything, are you just out the $20?

  3. This program sounds interesting...I love the stuff they are sending you! So cute!