Thursday, March 27, 2014

S T I T C H F I X a three month review

I have had little brown boxes with   turquoise tape delivered to my doorstep for three months now. I received gift cards to Stitch Fix for Christmas and was thrilled to give this styling service a try. I've waited to do any sort of review on Stitch Fix because I felt like I needed to get some fixes under my belt before I could best form an opinion.

Stitch Fix has no idea who I am---well maybe Shelby does, she styled my last fix. They didn't contact me to do a review and I am getting nothing from doing this. It is really just my honest opinion on this monthly subscription box. I really just want to have a conversation with you about it like I would a good friend. :)

Over the past five years my body has gone through a lot of changes. There hasn't been a single year where I haven't been in the process of gaining, being pregnant, birthing a baby, recovering, losing weight, pregnant again, birthing, recovering, losing....... what a beating my body has taken.

My pre-children style?? Well?? It was awkward in my opinion. I was straddling the fine line of still shopping at American Eagle and Junior's section at Kohls to feeling like I reallllllly was too old and should be shopping Eddie Bauer or the misses section of JC PENNY...... Did you go through that phase? Not feeling like an adult yet because YOUNG! AND I SLEEP A LOT! AND MY TIME IS MY OWN!  but also feeling like I should be more conservative and responsible because STUDENT DEBT! BILLS! MORTGAGE PAYMENTS! and OMG where is my dad so he can fix my dishwasher!??!

After creating, making, and birthing my lovely babies----my body is just. DIFFERENT.  It's not bad---and I mean that. It's just---different. Trying to wear clothes that I had saved in the back of the closet for my "someday these will fit again" left me disappointed. They still just don't look right---and my style has changed.   Just the thought of LOW RISE pants makes me want to scream like I've seen a hairy spider. SICK!! GET AWAY FROM ME! NO. PUKEFACE.

What I'm getting at is that Stitch Fix has been a way from me to really narrow down my style. How? Well to start you fill out an amazingly detailed style profile before you even begin. You begin to feel like you're filling out a personality profile after a while---and I guess you kinda are. Do you know your style? Do you have one? Those of you thinking at this moment:
" I don't have a style, I'm terrible at this, I just buy what's on sale...."
Girl, listen to me when I say in my most loving tone ---
shut up hooker, you have a style---you just need help defining it.

Stitch Fix helps you do that---over time. Go fill out the profile even if you don't schedule a fix. It will help you greatly when trying to decide what you do like. Pinky promise.

So I scheduled my fix to be delivered monthly ( you can choose when and how often you want one) and waited. So hard to wait. I wanted it immediately and apparently so did everyone else. :) I was super happy with my first fix. I love stripes and they delivered. I kept both striped shirts and wear them frequently. What I love about this service besides the obvious of clothes showing up at your doorstep is the ability to learn things about your own style that you might not have known. The other two shirts they sent were great---but after trying them on with the clothes already in my possession I realized that  I don't really like navy on me.
After trying on your clothes you have three days to ship back the unwanted items in a prepaid shipping bag. Then you head to your computer and fill out detailed feedback. DETAILED is the key to making sure your next fix is even better.

I told my stylist that STRIPES! I LOVE THEM! THANK YOU! But please don't send me more--after this fix arrived I counted TWELVE striped shirts in my closet. GULP. I also told them that I liked the two tops but wasn't a fan of navy blue. I asked them to no longer send navy items. I also told them the reason I didn't keep the gold necklace was that I like more beaded colorful jewelry. I like my necklaces to make statements.
I told my stylist I'd love to see some dresses that could transition to Spring in my next fix.
30 days later my next fix came!
When working with Stitch Fix they listen to your feedback. My next fix had two tops in bright colors, a pair of black skinnies, and two patterened floral dresses

color--they listened
loose fitting tops---listened
So what did I learn about my personal style in this fix? I was reaffirmed that I love dresses---but I realized I don't love chiffon dresses. Looking in my wardrobe I don't have any in that material and never really realized that I gravitate away from it. I have no idea why---but I had a definite NO WAY opinion when I tried to two dresses on. It took me a while to realize why.
I decided to keep the pink sleeveless blouse.

I was so grateful for this fix because I really didn't know that I didn't like chiffon until this fix. Typing this sentence it seems so silly, I know. "I didn't know I didn't like chifffooonnnnnnn "whiny weirdo! But really, I am grateful because now when I do shop in stores I know not to even look at a dress if it is chiffon. If I buy one--I likely won't wear it and I will have wasted my money. I think that's pretty great.
If you get a fix that isn't superb----you'll learn more about refining your style. What worked? What didn't.....and most importantly WHY.
Do you feel like a service like this could help you with your day to day look?
Could a service like this help you define your style and perhaps help your self-esteem?
I'm all about that.
So my third fix came. Two months of detailed feedback preceded this fix. I felt that if I really wanted my fixes to be spot on and really me I needed to really be specific --and I was. To me this was the make or break it moment for me. Would I continue? Or would I stop? This fix needed to show me that the stylists were listening and truly interested in finding something for ME  that I would love.
Boom. They nailed it. High five Shelby. Fist bumps all around.
The color palette is spot on. The fabric choices are my preference.
The cut of the tops are my favorite.
There are items I would not have picked out on my own---that really make me feel great.
Do you struggle getting multiple uses out of your higher priced items? I love that they send you idea cards with the items.  Take the cards and try to recreate the looks with what you already own if you like it! I've done that many times.
statement necklace-----seriously shrieked when I took this outta the box.

Scalloped Dress---SOLD. Perfect transition dress that will be very versatile.
And it's a rayon poly blend----MUCH better given my chiffon aversion. :)
Watercolor print blouse
Great color, out of my comfort zone, like the watercolor element, i think it's flattering.
jury still out.

Jeans are a great fit---but pricey
sending back

Black drapey cardigan
Cute--but could buy at target at 1/3 the cost.
Are the items more expensive than your go tos of Target, Old Navy, and Loft----YUP. I can't sugar coat that for you.  And that kinda stinks. But let me tell you why it doesn't bother me.
1. Because I have NEVER had trouble spending dollars.
2. Because I will not keep a stitch fix item that I would consider a basic. The basics---will need to be replaced often and thus should be purchased for a cheaper price. ABSOLUTELY. However, your exciting pieces--the ones you are thrilled to wear that look great, feel great, and make you feel more confident? I don't mind spending more. And by more I mean 40 for a shirt.....
I have "cheaper the better" selected on all my items in my settings. While I would definitely not consider 40 for a shirt CHEAP----I understand that they aren't a bargain chain store like our go tos. They shouldn't be competitive in prices because the items selected are unique and uncommon in the main marketplace.
I deserve a few key pieces in my wardrobe that excite me AND SO DO YOU. I know the kids need new clothes, the dishwasher needs repaired, and you have bills to pay so beauty and personal style for you must come last. I get that girlfriend I do. I also think that when you're happy with how you look it spills over to other avenues of your life. We are women---and wired that way.
Could you use some help learning how to style and select clothes that work with your body type and preferences?
Do you find spending time on yourself difficult because of multiple plates spinning with your family, children, career, and hobbies?
Are you looking for something fun to treat yourself?
Do you really want to amp up your style and try new things?
I think you might enjoy Stitch Fix. If you decide to try it---give it time. Don't write off an "off" fix and give up. You can see through my experience that FEEDBACK is key and being as detailed as possible pays off. Really reflect on your daily life and what you want your clothes to do for you. 
Girls, its so fun. I don't think you'll be disappointed!  If you are ready to try it, I'd love it if you went through my referral link it's the Stitch Fix photo below. Why? Well for every person who schedules a fix through your code you get a $25 credit----free clothes ladies, free clothes. Can you blame me?
Stitch Fix


  1. I've always wanted to try stichfix but I know I couldn't afford it. Maybe one day with the boy is in school and I can work and contribute more again.

    1. Have you ever thought of selling items you no longer wear? I do that all the time and it's how I afford it. :)

  2. What is the brand of the scalloped dress? It is so cute!

  3. love your fixes! You received some amazing items!! :)

  4. How would you rate the quality of the materials?

  5. What is the average price point of items you've received?

  6. Thanks for this! I learned about Stitch Fix last night after chasing down one of my guests to find out where she got her dress.

  7. I LOVE the statement necklace and the two outfits underneath the statement necklace picture. Great (and chic) selections that I never would have thought to put together.