Sunday, October 25, 2009

meet lilly, the hotdog

Remember when I told you Lilly was FRANK breech in utero? Whooopps....

Every mom needs a file labeled "embarass your daughter later" right?? RIGHT! My parents have a drawer full of VHS's of them...dang. The drawer includes videos of me dressing up in my mother's dance costumes running around the backyard singing nonsense songs and screaming "EEEOOOP!" (apparently I spoke a lanugage only I could comprehend), throwing fits, bossing around my brother, the cat, my parents, anyone who seemingly had a pulse (firstborn, ok?), and even including a segment where I run around the house and proceed to relieve myself in the kitchen calling it "awcky awcky".::We need a video camera..STAT!::
So, to keep the tradition alive, I've begun my "file" for miss lilly. This costume belongs to my dear friend, Holly. Both of her boys wore this for their first Halloween. We don't have a costume for Lilly this year, but I couldn't resist putting her in this getup when I visited last week. How wonderful that I'll be able to remince the first time I dressed my daughter up as a weiner.......

Mom: 1
Lilly: 0

I'm sure the score will even out..probably in a public place, or in line at the grocery store, or when a phrase somewhere along the lines of..."my mommy loves high school musical more than me!" jumps out of her mouth. That was just an example.....pure fiction....duh. :)

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