Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The inside workings of an infant are perplexing...and I'm determined to figure this babe out.

While pregnant, I remember thinking about Lilly and how our life would be. Being a teacher, I have plans. FOR EVERYTHING. On Monday morning, I walk in and have the entire week planned out. BY THE HOUR. I know exactly what I need to get done and how I'm going to get it done. I have lists of supplies I need and so on. While not on paper, I have a back up plan for when things don't go as originally planned. Occasionally, I have a back up-back up plan if plan A and plan B fail. So likewise, I had (keyword: HAD) a plan for when little miss Lilly arrived. Here is how I had everything planned out....

Plan A
1. I would nurse Lilly
2. I would pump and let Scott feed her at night when he was home
3. She would grow and be happy 80% of the time. She'd only be fussy when she was hungry or needed her diaper changed.

OKay....that planned tanked before we were even out of the hospital. Thanks, body. After getting over the original disappointment of that plan failing, I formed Plan B. Plan B
1. We would feed Lilly formula
2. We would use the bottles I received from my shower, the kind all my friends recommended
3. I would become super saver and use the coupons that I signed up for online.
4. I would get bonus points because I also signed up my mom and mother-in-law. :)
5. She would grow and be happy 80% of the time. She'd only be fussy when she was hungry or needed her diaper changed.

So here I am PLANLESS and trying to figure out this chick. The inside workings of an infant are perplexing. I know more now about my baby's digestive system than I thought I ever would. I really should get college credit for all this knowledge I'm obtaining. No, I'm serious.

All plans thrown out the window, this is what I know...

Lilly is in pain when she eats and it BREAKS.MY.HEART. that I don't know how to fix it. Here is what we've tried via our pediatricians recommendations...
1. Switch to a partially broken down formula--easier to digest
2. Spend a small fortune buying differing types of bottles
3. Try different nipples
4. Burp more frequently
5. Mylicon at every meal

No changes. She possibly has a milk-protein allergy. I've read that many babies cannot easily digest the proteins found in cow's milk. So we begrudgingly switched to the soy formula. And let me say this.......HOLY COW IT IS FLIPPIN EXPENSIVE!!!! How can SOY formula be double the cost of regular formula?? Somewhere, some exec at Enfamil is sitting on a big fat pile of gold coins (I imagine like the opening scene where uncle scrooge is swimming in the gold safe on Duck know you remember it!! Whooooowooo!) and thinking...

"Parents of infants with milk allergies will stop at nothing to soothe their babies. They are emotionally drained and willing to do whatever it takes to help. ::rubbing hands together in a menacing way:: Let's make the soy hypo-allergenic formula DOUBLE the price!! Muahahahahaha."

Evil. Jerks.

So here I with my non-plan plan... and so far...(fingers crossed-- praying to God above) it is working and I'm seeing relief for her.

1. We are paying an arm and a leg for her 12.6 ounce can of formula.
2. Giving her a once-a-day dose of medicine for reflux
3. Keeping her upright for at least 20 minutes after each meal
4. I RELY ON THE COUPONS and get uber excited when they arrive.
5. My target runs are strictly for groceries now... because of lack of moolah due to formula( so sad) The accessory aisle is so lonely without me.

6. She is growing and HAPPY 80% of the time. She is fussy when she's hungry, needs a diaper change, is bored, wants a cuddle, and if it is between 7-8pm. Hey, I was a complete ignoramus to HONESTLY think that a baby would only cry for two reasons.

Here is a picture of the happier Lilly. P.S. she's smiling now....I'll blog about that life-changing experience later. :) !!!!


  1. It must be a teacher thing because I am the SAME way... I have a plan and a list for everything but my daughter also defies plan following :) We're off to the doc in 20 minutes because her digestive system is so out of wack... hang in there, you aren't alone!

  2. i don't want to say that i chuckled while reading your blog...but....i chuckled while reading your blog. i was mainly laughing at the part about the exec at Enfamil sittin on a throne of gold coins. lilly is one luckly lady to have wonderful parents like you and scott. hang in there. :-)

  3. Hahaha oh the life of planners and organizers. I have a feeling I will feel much of this when our little one comes. So happy to read all of this so I can be a tiny bit more prepared. Thanks for all of your funny and insiteful blogs :)