Sunday, November 22, 2009


80 years ago, Scott's sassy and spunky grandma Max was born. Last night, we celebrated her life and ultimately her legacy with a big party. If I'm being honest, an 80th birthday party is not my ideal way to spend a babyless Saturday night. However this was not your typical "older generation" party. No--no this was a catered dinner with a live band and oh...100+ of Grandma Max's closest friends and family. You know, I hope when I'm 80 I can fill a room with over a hundred people who know and love me. It says a lot about gma max, her character, zest for life, and her all around spunkyness.

Last night, the birthday bash had a jazz band--complete with suspenders, banjos, a large bass (not the fish...), and lead singer with a disco-ball esque dress and a deeeeeeeeeep shade of red lipstick that did NOT compliment her skin tone-thank you very much. They focused on tunes that were popular when gma max was born in 1929. They highlighted top billboard hits from that era and it was actually really enjoyable. The band played songs that Judy Garland sang and were written by Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmicheal. They were light and airy tunes about love, lazy rivers, sunny days, and happiness. It got me thinking....

When Lilly is 80, she will undoubtedly wanna throw a big party, just like her great gma max, no?What kind of songs will she play from "her generation"? I just find it really befuddling that she'll be sitting at a table surrounded by her friends and family and they'll be tapping their feet, bobbing their heads, and listening to tunes entitled: Boom Boom Pow, Russian Roulette, Tik Tok, and Paparazzi.

Will her lead singer of her birthday band resemble the infamous Lady Gaga? ohmygoodness.

I bet it was a surreal thing to think of the year 2009 back in far into the future. When my little stinker is 80 years old it will be 2089. (math done correct...whew)Surely they'll be living on Mars by then, riding in flying cars, and Rosie the robot from the Jetsons will be a reality.


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