Tuesday, April 9, 2013

welp....now what?

So this one time, I had a business---and then I stopped it. Sold all my supplies. and turned my studio into a playroom. And now I'm here twiddling my thumbs thinking, alright WHAT NEXT?


I don't know. I enjoy blogging. I really like the idea that other humans in this world read what I have to say. But it also kinda creeps me out when people say to me that they read my blog. I immediately have this moment of "ahhhh---crap, they know." I don't know what they know....but they know

It's really quite the dilemma. However, I'm a breathing contradiction at most days so it makes sense. I'll spend two hours cleaning the kitchen scrubbbbbbbinnnggg and then neglect to put the peanut butter smudged knife in the sink because I'm too lazy. and I'll get it later. and maybe if I leave it there long enough Scott will do it.  Baaaahhh.

Back when I started this blog in 2009 it was a direct feed into me. It was rough around the edges and full of not-so-fantastic photos.  While developing and creating lillypie the direction of this space evolved into a place to share my work, peek into my life, and promote my business. Now that lillypie is done---I'm planning on taking this blog in a new direction. 


  1. I have to admit that I was sad to see that you weren't doing your crafting anymore, but you are such a creative person that I enjoy reading what you have to say, and it's fun that we went to IU together and can stay connected. Looking forward to seeing where this takes you! :)

  2. YAY :) Cant wait to see what is to come!