Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Weigh ((6 weeks))

Happy Friday!

Friday's are my weigh in days with weight watchers so you can expect an update post each Friday. I'm super pumped because I lost another 1.8 pounds this week. That brings my 6 week total to 14.6 pounds. I'm headed in the right direction.

 I'm soooo proud of those activity points! That's the most I've logged in one week so far. Strides in the right direction, friends.

This past weekend was our family reunion as I mentioned before and I really let myself have a true free day on Saturday. It was nice. There are certain times when you really need to enjoy the food life has to offer--especially when it means your annual trip to Ivanhoes for a  mint brownie nut sundae,  salads covered in feta cheese, family rice crispie treat recipes, twizzlers, and fried buffalo bites..... So I let that happen and was super nervous for the remainder of the week. Annoyed my husband nervous. Like he told me  I was annoying---he doesn't do that unless it's BAAAAD. Oops!  Weight Watchers has built in weekly points that you are allowed to use in instances such as this---and dude I USED THEM.  I did feel guilty the entire week though--crazy guilty. Now that the scale proved that I could use them ALL  and still lose weight--I won't anymore.

I'm slowly trying to add in more exercise into my weekly routines. For the past few years I simply told myself that with kids---there was NO TIME to workout. NO TIME to waste on myself when there were children to love, meals to plan/prepare/cook, laundry piles, and interesting television on.

This is truly the first time since I had my first child that I've made an attempt at exercising on a regular basis. Talking with my brother ( he's a personal trainer and fitness guru--INTIMIDATING to this chubby) he said something that really sunk in. He told me that I would always find a reason to NOT work out as long and it wasn't actually scheduled in. Totally right. I started doing that last week.  Those days where it was in my calendar---I actually did I and didn't feel that mommy guilt.  It is MUCH easier to exercise when there is a glaring spot open where you have reserved the time to do it. I'm going to continue with that and keep on trucking.

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