Tuesday, November 9, 2010

if you're happy and you know it....

I've been crafting and creating accessories since June. Not long. Right? I've never had a complaint about a product, however I've spent lots of time stressing over what people think of what they've purchased.

I want people to be happy. I try to be creative with my headbands. I also try and keep the cost low. I've made changes to many of my products to make the quality better.

I had my first complaint today. And I'm taking it personally.

A headband was shipped last week that had an edge that was fraying. I always heat seal the edges of the fabric to prevent this. I must have missed this one. I feel silly. sad. and a little dumb.

I want people to be pleased with the product and I'm really having a hard time with the fact that someone isn't happy. 

My husband, in trying to cheer up this sad headband maker, has reminded me that one unhappy customer shouldn't overshadow the 200+ happy customers. I'm focusing on the one.Because one unhappy customer really bothers me.

I'm in the process of fixing the problem. I hate the feeling of disappointing someone.

If you've purchased...and been happy....I could use a little pick me up. :)

How about a song...

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif you're happy and you know it, leave some love. ::clap? clap?::


  1. I have purchased and was very happy! Some people will always complain. At least you are concerned enough to care about it. I ordered a product one time from a company and they acted like it was no big deal that the shirt had a hole in it!
    Your husband is right. You do a great job. Don't forget it!

  2. I loved the Haileys that I got from you. I also loved the Ainsley that I gave as a gift. You are one talented Mama! Don't let one person bring you down. I do love the fact that you are concerned enough to want to fix the problem. You have one big heart L!

  3. Clapping my hands a gazillion times for you and your headbands!! Lillypies are pretty much all Lydia wears these days, we love them :) You da best!

  4. You do a fantastic job! I love the items that I purchased from you. They're beautiful, unique, and high quality! No one is perfect and it's how you handle yourself after a mistake that shows your character, not the fact that you made a mistake to begin with. You're great! Your products are great!

  5. I LOVE all of my headbands and clips! Don't worry about it Laura, but it is great that you care so much about your products and your customers. You have inspired me to try to dig into my own inner creativity and make cute things for my own daughter. So thank you, fellow IU School of Education friend! :-) Keep up the great work!!

  6. I love Kasey's lillypie....don't sweat it!!